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Coactive NEWTECH


Coactive NEWTECH - Starts June 20th!

Learn all about the latest in sublimation at the Coactive NEWTECH Events with The Magic Touch.

  • Virtuoso 25" 8 Colour HD Product Decorating System - Featuring the Sawgrass VJ 628, the Virtuoso 25” / 630 mm 8 Colour HD Product Decorating System is the industry’s first fully integrated sublimation printing solution of this size
  • Virtuoso Desktop HD Product Decorating Systems - Co-engineered with Ricoh and harnessing the advanced technology of the printer manufacturer’s popular GelJet line, Sawgrass’ Virtuoso SG400 (A4) and SG800 (A3+) printers have the lowest start-up cost of any commercial product decorating technology. 
  • CreativeStudio - Sawgrass’ innovative cloud-based online design software and stock design library.
  • Virtuoso Print Manager - Sawgrass’ first universal print management software for the Virtuoso SG400, SG800 and VJ 628 Printers. 



Norwich - June 20th 2017

EDInburgh - July 11th 2017

durham - September 26th 2017

north london - October 17th 2017

leicester - November 16th 2017