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Success Through Knowledge

We want you to be as successful as possible in your digitial printing venture - whatever it may be. That's why we offer free webinars monthly through your BusinessBuilder education program. These are live events delivered by industry experts that you can attend from the comfort of your laptop. Topics run the gamut from business solutions and strategy to technical skills, market analysis and how-to do lots of things related to digital printing. Just sign up, and we'll see you online.  

Target Market: Photography

9/27 at 13:00 PM BST (London) - Sublimation is a HD process that can deliver top quality imaging making it a favorite for the photography industry. From personalized photo gifts to professional portraits to fine art reproductions, sublimation can do it all. Learn what the most popular products are, how they are made and how to position them in this unique and profitable marketplace.

How To Sublimate Socks

10/18 at 13:00 PM BST (London) - Sublimated socks are a hot fashion trend right now, and a great example of how digital printing is changing the fashion and apparel industry. Because digital textile printing uses a smaller production footprint and enables decorators to profitably deliver on small-run jobs, more and more companies are investing in this growing technology. Tune in to learn how it’s done and how you can profit from adding sublimated socks to your product line.

How To Sublimate Mugs

10/26 at 13:00 PM BST (London) - Ceramic mugs are one of the most popular sublimated items and are ideal for many different applications, from personalized gifts to corporate promotions. Learn, step-by-step, how to correctly sublimate a ceramic mug in this comprehensive session. We will also talk about other non-flat ceramic products, such as cookie jars and pet food bowls.

Picture Perfect Personalization = Positive Profits

11/9 at 13:00 PM BST (London) - Personalization is in demand and offers some of the highest margins in the world of digital decoration. And nothing makes a product more personal than a picture. Traditional prints simply cannot compete with the color, detail and durability of sublimated prints on metal, tile, canvas and glass. It’s the perfect solution for creating personalized products for the consumer marketplace (especially during the upcoming Holiday Season) including personalized gifts, photo-awards, interior decorations, souvenir products and more.

Target Market: The Holiday Gift Season

11/16 at 13:00 PM BST (London) - The Christmas Holiday Season is one of the most profitable times of the year, so it pays to be prepared early. Tune in to this special session that focuses on product ideas and marketing messages aimed at the many seasonal opportunities that the Holiday season has to offer.

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