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Sublimation Success Guide

Sublimation Success Guide (2014 Edition)

The Complete Guide To Successful Dye Sublimation Printing is a must have reference for every Sublimator and aspiring Digital Decorator. Chocked full of useful information from cover-to-cover, this in-depth informational resource will give you the answers to all of your sublimation challenges. Plus it includes step-by-step instructions with video for the most common sublimation applications.

And best of all, your copy of this comprehensive e-publication FREE and only a few clicks away.

Sublimation Success Guide (2014 Edition)

Key Topics Include:

  • Color Management
  • Preparing Images For Printing
  • Understanding Light And Color
  • Vector Images VS Bitmap Images
  • The Mechanics Of The Sublimation Production Process

Download the Sublimation Success Guide

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