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Cartridge Error Messages

There are several different types of cartridge messages or errors that may display on the LCD screen.  Below are the most common. 

Important! If you see a message that begins with 'SERV REQ' followed by a series of numbers, contact Epson support.
  • SET INK CRTG - The chip on the cartridge is not being read by the printer.  Lift the ink lever and remove the cartridge in question indicated on the LCD by the blinking, empty rectangle.  Clean the chip contacts with rubbing alcohol and remove any static buildup by lightly rubbing a pencil eraser across them.  Reinstall the ink cartridge and lower the lever.  If the error does not go away, contact Sawgrass technical support.
4880 Pencil Erase
  • REPLACE INK CRTG - The cartridge has expended all the ink and needs to be replaced.  If this occurs with a brand new cartridge, try the steps above.

  • WRONG INK CRTG - The cartridge installed is either the wrong color or it is for a different printer model, for example, an Epson 4800 cartridge in an Epson 4880 printer.  Check the labeling and make sure it is the correct cartridge.  If it is correct and the error does not go away, contact Sawgrass technical support.

  • NON-GENUINE - This is normal when installing new ink cartridges.  Refer to the guide for full instructions or simply scroll through the message using the down arrow and accept the terms.

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