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Customized Living & Workspace Solutions!

Utilizing Sawgrass Technologies' whole product solutions, interior designers are transforming home and office decor by adding unique and fully customized images interior decorating accessories such as ceramic tiles, hanging wall panels, furniture accessories, kitchen products and more. When printed with our patented digital inks the result is an incredibly vibrant and detailed image, with natural looking photographic representation, that adds a special custom touch to any room or environment.

With this level of customization the possibilities for customized interior design accessories are endless! Imagine a beautiful sunset mural for a kitchen backsplash, a marine mural for a bathroom, or furniture coverings that accent the decor of a living room. Picture a grouping of hanging photo art panels that come together to form a beautiful piece of wall art or a fantastic photo collection displayed prominently in an entryway. Or perhaps an end table inlaid with a colorful tile mosaic pattern that ties into an interior decoration theme. The list is long! All of these concepts and more are now possible thanks to Sawgrass' total product solutions!

With Sawgrass' line of digital sublimation inks and systems - SubliJet or ArTainium UV+ - you'll create permanent images that can't be felt on the surface. And because the images are embedded in the surface rather than applied on top, sublimated logos won’t scratch, crack or peel. Prints are incredibly vibrant and detailed, with natural looking photo quality representation when needed. And with a Sawgrass system, customization can be offered in profitable quantities as low as one, with no additional setup costs.

Creating customized interior design products, using sublimation is easier than you think. Systems are compact, often portable, and can easily be run from a small office. Our desktop systems feature low start up costs to enable your business to profit from this technology quickly and economically .  

What Can You Do With Sublimation And Digital Transfer Printing?

Create a Wide Range of Interior Products!

Interior Design Products

  • Tile Murals
  • Wall Decorations
  • Metal Photo Panels
  • Fabric Panels
  • Desktop Accessories
  • Kitchen Decor

Who Can You Provide Products And Services To?

Virtually Everyone is a Potential Customer

  • Businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Home Owners
  • Retailers
  • Hospitals
  • Realtors

How Can You Generate Revenue?

Custom Interior Products & Accessories

8' x 8' Tile Mural (Using 12" Tiles)
12" x 12" Frameless Wall Photo Panel
11" x 15" Antique Style Wall Plaque

As Easy As...



Create designs using your favorite graphics program like CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator.


Print your full-color designs using our patented digital inks, transfer paper and popular Ricoh and Epson printers.


Using a standard flatbed or mug heat press, press your design onto a wide variety of hard or soft high-margin products.

Low Cost Turn-key Startup Solutions are $500 to $2500!*

*Prices vary depending on the combination of components that are selected. Contact us for more information. 

Mac and Windows Compatible



Learn More Earn More

Learn more about Making Money With Digital Decoration at our Online Education Center.

We make it easy to launch a Digital Decoration enterprise by providing a range of useful business resources:

Webcast Trailer: Sublimation! It's More Than Mouse Pads & Coffee Mugs

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