Sawgrass and Siser® EasySubli™ Inks Installation and Usage

Welcome to Sawgrass and welcome to your Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System with EasySubli™ inks to be used with Siser® EasySubli™ vinyl. With your new Sawgrass SG400 or SG800 printer and your EasySubli™ inks, you can create the brightest most vibrant colors and best results on Siser® EasySubli™ Vinyl.

Installation Instructions
Usage Instructions for Siser EasySubli


Installation Instructions

Current Users

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sawgrass does not recommend converting an existing SG400/800 printer with SubliJet HD inks to EasySubli™ inks. Converting inks will render your warranty VOID as it can lead to the ink delivery system being damaged. While both ink sets are compatible with the SG series of printers, they are not to be mixed.

If you already understand how to install ink cartridges in your Sawgrass Desktop printer and have the latest version of Virtuoso Print Manager (VPM 6.5 or greater), then please go directly to Step 4: Activate the Siser® EasySubli Print Profiles. Download the latest version of VPM here.

New Users

To get up and running quickly, follow this simple step-by-step guide to the installation.

However, before you start please make sure

  • You do NOT turn the printer on until you have been instructed to do so.
  • You do NOT connect the printer to a computer until prompted to do so during the software installation.

Connecting the printer to a powered-on computer prior to being instructed to do so may cause a communication failure between the software and the printer.

Let’s get started:

You can find the full User Guide for your Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System here: User Guide.

However, to make it much easier, why not follow our step-by-step?

Step 1: Unpacking and Assembling your SG400/800

Watch the Unpacking and Assembly Start Up Guide:

Step 2: Installing Virtuoso Print Manager

Select the correct download of Virtuoso Print Manager (VPM) for your Operating System:

During this video you will be prompted to download and install the Virtuoso Print Manager. VPM is Sawgrass' first universal print management software, offering a singular solution for optimal print quality and production efficiency and which includes the specific print profiles for EasySubli™.

Step 3: Launching Design Software

To design personalized products, you can utilize a range of software design tools including Sawgrass CreativeStudio, Adobe Photoshop or CorelDraw.

If CreativeStudio will be used, follow along below.

Check you are using have the latest version of Google Chrome installed and your computer and that your Internet connection speed is:

  • Download: 5 mbps (minimum) / 10+ mbps (recommended)
  • Upload: 2 mbps (minimum) / 5+ mbps (recommended)

Launch CreativeStudio.

Step 4: Activating the Siser® Custom Edition in Virtuoso Print Manager:

Once your EasySubli™ ink cartridges are installed, Virtuoso Print Manager downloaded and you want to start creating with EasySubli™, you will need to activate the custom print profile in the latest version of VPM.

1. Go to the VPM icon in the system tray menu, select Options, select Edition, select Activate New Edition


2. Enter Activation Code: Siser®


3. Your edition is now enabled!


4. See below settings for printing with the Siser® EasySubli™ vinyl and ink. Important notes: make sure the "Mirror" button is toggled off! Since you are printing directly to the vinyl, no mirroring required. Be sure to put the paper in the printer with the glossy side up. 


5. See below settings for printing with the EasySubli™ Ink on other substrates (not vinyl):


Important Information:
It is important to note that EasySubli
ink can be used to sublimate on most other sublimatable hard substrates, However, EasySubli ink is NOT compatible with any Forever media.

Siser® EasySubli™ Usage Instructions

Pressing Instructions:

  • Print, Cut, Weed the excess materials
  • Allow the vinyl to dry under the hot heat press plate for 1 minute prior to pressing!
  • Cover the print with a sheet of silicon paper or oven or parchment paper
  • Heat Settings: 15 seconds at 311F (155C) medium bar pressure (3-4 bar)

Wash Instructions

  • Wait at least 24 hours from application before washing
  • Washing resistance up to 60˚C, best inside out
  • Do not use bleach or other aggressive chemical agents
  • Not suitable for dry clean
  • Suitable for tumble dryer, synthetic cycle


  • The product is REACH compliant
  • The product is certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class I

For technical suppport, contact Sawgrass.
For application support, please contact your Siser dealer.