Sawgrass User Laurie Donovan Expands Product Offering With GO Expression

GO Expression store owner Laurie Donovan is excited to be able to sell items she wasn’t able to offer before The Sawgrass Network launched.

“I’m no longer restricted,” she says, adding that she also doesn’t have to keep inventory for products that she doesn’t want to make.

Laurie set up her GO Expression store, Krafty Korner, within hours of the program launching. Within the first few weeks, she quickly added more than 100 items with plans for more to come. GO Expression is now a stepping-stone in Laurie’s journey to make money with sublimation.

“I’ve had a sublimation business for about a year and a half, but I mainly sell on Ebay and by word of mouth,” she says. “With GO Expression I am hoping to get more exposure.”

Laurie believes GO Expression will help bring in an extra stream of revenue. She says one way to stand out and be successful is to have good designs.

“You have to tap into their emotional side,” she says. “The items in my store may not be for everyone, but I want to give people something different.” Laurie believes shoppers will like her ability to use sarcasm and her diverse selection of items.

“I’m not afraid of competition,” laughs Laurie.

It takes more than good designs though to drive sales. That’s why Laurie is using social media to market her GO Expression store. By revamping her Facebook page and creating an Instagram account for Krafty Korner, she thinks she will drive more traffic to her store.

“I will go into groups on Facebook and post my items for sale,” she says. “From there I have gotten many repeat clients.” Laurie is also using friends, neighbors and family to spread the news about her new store.

Laurie isn’t letting her role in The Sawgrass Network stop at GO Expression. Laurie has an SG400 and has signed up to be a GO Exchange producer.

“GO Exchange gives me the ability to keep practicing the craft,” she says. “The more you do the better you get.” Laurie also added that GO Exchange is a great way to practice proper item packaging. She added that the ability to make some extra income doesn’t hurt, either.

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