Sublimation Business Owner Finds GO Expression Easiest Online Platform

“I love GO Expression because it is so easy to use,” says GO Expression store owner Anita Fera.

Anita, owner of Fera Design Co., has been selling her designs on social media and other online e-commerce platforms for more than a year. However, she says GO Expression is the easiest way for her to sell.

“Some other sites you have to use keywords and tags in order to get noticed,” she says. “With GO Expression the entire system is very user friendly.”

Anita is not new to selling designs. She has been a graphic designer for more than 20 years. Originally, Anita started out in embroidery, but after a year she decided she didn’t like it. From there, she switched to sublimation and bought an SG800.

“When it comes to items I sell, I like to keep it simple,” she says. Anita mainly sticks to mugs, wine tumblers and baby one pieces. Now, with GO Expression, she says she can put her designs on other items without having to keep the inventory. “I can also take on custom orders and send them through the Exchange,” she added.

Even though GO Expression and GO Exchange are fairly new platforms, Anita is already setting herself up for future success.

“I did a five-day Facebook campaign. I spent $35 and generated almost 400 clicks on my store.” Anita says she hopes those people who clicked on her store will remember her around the holidays. Anita is also adding new designs to her Facebook page every day and promoting her store online. She runs designs past her Facebook followers to help her decide what ones may sell well on GO Expression.

Anita hopes that GO Expression will be a one-stop shopping experience for customers and help her earn some extra income.

“I was going through a divorce, and Sawgrass helped me get back on my feet,” Anita told us. “I only hope that my story helps other women going through the same issues.”

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