Vinyl Business Owner Adds Sublimation Store With GO Expression

Being a mother of five can be hard for some people, but Candice Kaiser doesn’t let it slow her down. Candice started a small vinyl business in 2015 and is now making the move into sublimation with GO Expression.

“I did some selling on Facebook and I would make shirts for fundraisers for our local children’s hospital where my children were taken care of,” Candice tells us.

Candice learned about sublimation a few years ago, but finally made the jump this year when she bought an SG1000.

“I don’t like layering colors with vinyl,” laughs Candice. “With sublimation it’s so much easier.”

Candice said it was the Sawgrass Facebook Live with Sparkleberry that convinced her to make the investment in a Sawgrass system.

“I decided to go all in with the SG1000,” says Candice. “I wanted a reliable machine with low maintenance that I could make shirts with.”

Candice says she is now using her SG1000 to sell some designs she has purchased from designers. She has added she does not know how she will promote her GO Expression store yet but knows that she will continue to use social media in some way to help drive sales.

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