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How to Use the New CreativeStudio

The January launch of CreativeStudio 4 is the biggest ever update to the designer and is packed with new features based on direct user feedback.

Find your way around the new designer with this comprehensive overview:

Starting a New Project

CreativeStudio 4 features a new homepage that allows users easy access to their favorite and recently used designs. To make a new design, click the “Start Creating” button. This will take you to the design page that’s loaded with tools to help you create unique projects.

The Start Creating button is in the top left of the initial design screen.

Many of these basic functions are the same as ones that can be found in CreativeStudio 3, just with a different look and location. To start a new project, you need to select a substrate from “Blank Products.” Just like in CreativeStudio 3, this tab gives you access to hundreds of substrates that are pre-measured. The difference is in CreativeStudio 4 is that it offers higher resolution photographs of each item.

To start your design select a blank product from the left toolbar.

Editing a Design

If you want access to pre-made, print-ready artwork that can be edited and personalized, you can find it in “Designs.” These are part of your premium membership with new designs continuing to be added weekly. Each collection is organized by category. If you are currently using CreativeStudio for free but would like to become a premium member, you have the option to upgrade at any time right inside of the program.

Just like in the current CreativeStudio, this version of the design tool allows you to use free design elements both on their own and with premium designs. The “Element” tab will allow you full access to these tools that are organized into folders.

Select designs on the left tool bar and edit the design in the right toolbar.

Adding Text and Uploading Fonts

To add words to your design you will have to choose the “Text” button. CreativeStudio 4 now offers hundreds of font options, and premium members will be able to upload custom fonts. Once you choose a font, any changes you make can be seen in real time. You also have the option to add effects to your fonts inside of your toolbox on the right-hand side of the screen.

Adding and Managing Images

Just like in the current CreativeStudio, the new version allows you to upload your own pictures. The “Galleries” section houses all of your digital uploads and allows you to organize them into unique folders. If you want to upload a picture just click into a folder and select the “add image” link that appears at the top left-hand corner of the “Galleries” tab.

Navigating the Workspace

A new feature that’s been added to CreativeStudio 4 is the ability to create your own work space. By clicking the “More” button you will reveal the “Custom Print Area” tab. This section allows you to customize your workspace based on width and height in millimeters and inches.

Once you have selected an item and image, your toolbox in the right-hand side of your screen will be activated. This feature allows you to further customize your design. In your toolbox you can change your color, duplicate your work and move selected items in front of or behind other layers of your creation. You can also change your text size, arc, stroke and rotation in real time. In CreativeStudio 4 you can crop images and clear white space.

Many of the same basic functions of CreativeStudio 3 still exist. You still have the ability to create a grid, select all and delete elements of your designs. These options appear in a row above your workspace.

3D Previews and Social Sharing

One of the most anticipated new features is the ability to view some items in 3D. Select mugs will give you the “3D preview” option when selected. This appears in the top right-hand corner of you screen. When selected, a 3D version of you work will appear. By clicking on the item and holding down your mouse you can manipulate the view of your mug.

Select 3D preview in the top right corner of the screen.

Another highly anticipated feature, available for premium members, is the ability to share your work on social media. The “Share” button in the upper right-hand corner will let you connect to Facebook, Instagram and more. There you can share your mock-up for others to view.

We hope you enjoy our latest version of CreativeStudio. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our support team or message us on Facebook.

How to Make Sure Your Images Transfer to the New CreativeStudio

You'll need to follow two easy steps to ensure your designs are moved into the new platform.

Step 1. Select an existing design and open it in the current version of CreativeStudio. Remove any personalized features, such as names or custom photos, because the transfered files will be flattened PNGs and will not be editable (although you will be able to add new layers in the new designer).

Step 2. Select Print, give your file a unique name and click Save. You don't need to print the design. 

Once you've completed these steps for each design you want to transfer, your designs will be ready in the new CreativeStudio. 

You'll need to update your print manager to the latest version before using the new CreativeStudio.

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