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New Features Added to CreativeStudio Premium Membership

Premium membership in CreativeStudio 4 will offer new features in addition to the designs you already enjoy.

We took the suggestions you’ve given us in the past year and used them to re-vamp our design software and membership program.

What you'll now get with your premium membership:

  • Premium designs, updated weekly
  • Ability to upload your own fonts
  • Social media sharing
  • Social media content pull-ins
  • Pixabay access
  • Save more than five favorites in multiple categories

Premium Design Content

Just like the current CreativeStudio, the premium membership in CreativeStudio 4 will give you access to hundreds of pre-made and ready to print designs.  These designs are themed and new packages are uploaded weekly.

Ability to Upload Your Own Fonts

CreativeStudio 4 comes packed with hundreds of new fonts pre-loaded into the program. This new feature also gives you the option to take fonts that you have purchased from third party sites and upload them to our CreativeStudio. This will allow you to keep your work unique and personalized.

Social Media Sharing

You can now upload a mock-up of your design directly to social media, allowing your family, friends and customers to easily see your work. You can also upload to your business’ social page or send the design directly to your customer to review. All you have to do is connect your account.

Social Media Content Pull-ins

You no longer have to take the extra step to save pictures from your social media account to your computer before uploading to CreativeStudio. With your premium membership, download pictures and artwork directly from social media into your CreativeStudio workspace. This allows for easy picture integration for both you and your customer.

Pixabay Access

Want access to even more pictures? The Pixabay integration that comes with your membership offers more than a million free images that can now be downloaded into CreativeStudio. This will allow you to offer more design options to customers.

Save More Than Five Favorites in Multiple Categories

Easily organize and prioritize your most important work. The free version of CreativeStudio 4 gives you the ability to favorite only five designs, five images and five fonts. With a premium membership, you can save more than five items in each category.

We hope you enjoy these new features.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our support team or message us on Facebook.

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