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ChromaBlast-R is a professional digital heat transfer ink for cotton and cotton blend fabrics designed to work with ChromaBlast-R Garment Decorating Systems featuring Ricoh 3110DN and 7100DN printers. 

Product Advantages

  • Produces vibrant, lasting images that look, feel and breathe like nothing else on the market.
  • Lowest start-up cost of any professional garment printing system. 
  • With no fuss, no mess and free user-friendly software, ChromaBlast-R is an extremely reliable and easy-to-use system. 


Substrate Compatibility

  • Cotton
  • Cotton-Blend Fabric

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Available Colours



Convenient, Reliable Single-Use Cartridges

Optimise the performance and life of your printer with our closed cartridge systems that provide clean and convenient ink delivery without the time, mess, hassles and waste of manually pouring bulk ink. Plus, our factory sealed, single use cartridges eliminate outside contamination, maintenance costs and downtime associated with bulk ink systems.

Commercial Colourfastness

Other digital transfers may initially look OK, but only ChromaBlast-HD has commercial quality colourfastness. Keep your customers coming back with prints that stand up to repeated washing!

High Yield - Low Imaging Cost

For maximum yield and low imaging costs, ChromaBlast-R inks have a high density of pigment dyes. With imaging costs typically less than 5% of the selling price, digital decorating with Sawgrass inks is more profitable than ever. 

PartnerPlus Service and Support

All Sawgrass inks come with access to PartnerPlus, our comprehensive user support program. Our expert support team is available both online and via phone to offer real-time help with system troubleshooting, colour management software, full product warranty and more for printers under OEM warranty.  

Colour Management Solutions Included

Enjoy enhanced free printer software for Mac and Windows platforms, with unique and functional colour output settings optimised for production with Sawgrass' Garment Decorating Systems.  

  • PowerDriver v4 for Windows OS: Works with desktop graphic design programs – such as Adobe products and CorelDRAW – applying colour and print management for optimised printing with ChromaBlast-R  inks and sublimation substrates.

  • MacProfile with Swatch Palette for Mac OSEnables images created with desktop graphic design programs for Mac OS to print in rich, vibrant colour across a wide variety of image types.

Compatible Systems: ChromaBlast-R Systems
Ink Delivery Systems:

  • Standard Cartridges 
    • Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black 

Colour Management: