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Easy-to-Use Sublimation Design Software

CreativeStudio™ is a dynamic online design solution created specifically for sublimation by Sawgrass and included with the purchase of all Virtuoso Product Decorating Systems.

CreativeStudio™ requires the use of Virtuoso Print Manager and either the SG400, SG800 or VJ 628 Sawgrass printer. Click here to get started.

Print-Ready Designs

The wide selection of custom Print-Ready Designs included in CreativeStudio™ makes it easy to start printing and selling decorated products. Use the Mockup Maker in CreativeStudio™  to create beautiful product images for your ecommerce store or social network advertising.

Substrate Manufacturer Product Templates

CreativeStudio™ contains and extensive searchable library of product templates from leading substrate manufacturers and top dealers from around the world.

Curated Library of Images & Graphics

Save time and money by utilizing the collection of more than 13,000 expertly picked images and graphics in CreativeStudio™ that are fully licensed for your commercial use.

Premium Content Packs

Subscribe to receive new content each month to supplement the existing CreativeStudio™ library of nearly 20,000 images, print-ready designs, product templates and fonts.

HTML5 Online Designer with Free Cloud Storage

Design from any internet-connected device - desktop, tablet or phone - no experience necessary. Quickly create and access proofs for your clients at home, work or even the beach, using Windows, Mac and Android platforms.

Fully Integrated Solution

CreativeStudio™, along with Virtuoso Print Manager and your Virtuoso SG400, SG800 or VJ 628, is the only fully integrated sublimation solution in the market. Each component of the solution is customized to work optimally with each of the other solution components. The result is the highest quality and most consistent dye sublimation output.

Hundreds of Product Templates

No more searching multiple websites for the right product templates. CreativeStudio™ has hundreds of templates direct from the most popular substrate manufacturers, such as Unisub, ChromaLuxe, Vapor Apparel, and more.

Curated Library of Images for Commercial Use

Every font, image and design in CreativeStudio™ is licensed for your use to decorate products for sale to your customers.

CreativeStudio™ contains thousands of individual illustrations, photographs, ornamental objects, shapes and other design components that allow you to create your own finished design. If design is not your forte, then use one of the thousands of finished, print-ready designs in CreativeStudio™ to decorate products to sell to your customers.

CreativeStudio™ Premium Packs

For CreativeStudio™ users who want more specialized, premium content or a greater volume of monthly updates of content across all categories in CreativeStudio™, Sawgrass now offers Premium Pack Subscriptions for purchase. These subscriptions augment the existing library of the nearly 20,000 images, print-ready designs, product templates and fonts in CreativeStudio™.

Receive more new content each month by subscribing to any of our Premium Packs of graphics such as:

  • Special Events and Holidays - specialized graphics for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other milestones worthy of celebration
  • Sports and Fitness - these action-packed graphics for sports teams, events and other athletic themes will get you pumped up in no time
  • CreativeStudio™ Plus - this comprehensive collection gives you access to hunreds of new graphics each month across most of the categories in CreativeStudio™

Click here to visit the Sawgrass Online Store and purchase a Premium Content Pack for CreativeStudio™ today." 

Product Mockup Maker

Create an image to showcase your design on your website or for client approval with ease. Mockup Maker eliminates the need to photograph a product sample saving you time and money! Mockup images are PNG with transparent backgrounds so that you can incorporate them into the background of your choice.

Free Cloud Storage for Your Designs

CreativeStudio™ includes free online storage of your finished designs, print-ready files and uploaded images.

Custom Color Palette

Create and save your own color swatches. Creative Studio™’s My Colorsure Palette is the Perfect complement to Virtuoso Print Manager’s Palette Manger!

Quickly add and save your new colors to a customized palette, making it easy to apply your own spot colors to designs and templates!

CreativeStudio™ Requires Virtuoso Print Manager

CreativeStudio™ is a web-based online design solution that does not require any software to download and install. However, Virtuoso Print Manager is the only print driver and color management software compatible with CreativeStudio™ and allows you to print to your Virtuoso SG400, SG800, or VJ 628.

Click here to download Virtuoso Print Manager and get started today.

Start Using CreativeStudio™

CreativeStudio™ is a design software created by Sawgrass specifically for sublimation production. Follow these three simple steps to get started!

  1. Buy a Virtuoso system from your preferred Sawgrass dealer
  2. Download, install and register Virtuoso Print Manager
  3. Visit to launch CreativeStudio™

Consult your distributor or contact Sawgrass Technical Support to ensure you have a computer system capable of running your Virtuoso printer, print manager and CreativeStudio™

CreativeStudio™ Minimum System Recommendations

Windows 7/ Windows 8/8.1/ Windows 10 / Mac OS 10.9 or Higher

Recommended RAM: 4 GB
Recommended CPU: Dual Core 2 GHz
Min. Free HD Space​: 10% Free

Browser Recommendation

CreativeStudio™ is compatible with most widely-available internet browsers but has been optimized for Google Chrome. Therefore, Sawgrass recommends using Google Chrome.

Internet Connection Speed Recommendations

CreativeStudio™ is a hosted design software with nothing to download or install which reduces the requirements for storage and CPU on your computer. However, since all designing and rendering is online, Sawgrass does make the following recommendations:

Download: 10 mbps or higher
Upload: 5 mbps or higher

Sawgrass reserves the right to limit support to customers that use less than the minimum stated requirements.

Note: 1Only Windows Professional, Business, Enterprise and Ultimate Editions have been tested and approved. Only select drivers for Windows 8 are available.  2Only compatible with Intel systems running Macintosh OS 10.5 or later, current with the absolute latest Apple software updates.  

CreativeStudio™ How-to Guides
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