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Virtuoso VJ 628

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Brighter, Higher-definition Images

The Virtuoso VJ 628 from Sawgrass is the first fully integrated, 25" (630mm), 8-color, solution in the industry. 

The Virtuoso VJ 628 is ideal for photography, fine art, signs and high-volume customization and personlization. Imagine brighter, higher-definition images, with unsurpassed efficiency, ease of use, support AND lower imaging costs. 

To create this product decorating system Sawgrass partnered with Mutoh, where the focus is quality, precision and craftmanship. The VJ 628 uses a DX7 print head, which has proven industrial grade technology that allows for extended life and performance.

Read SGIA's Equipment Evaluation Report for the VJ 628 

Choosing the Right System
Compare our product decorating solutions to find the right system for your needs.
Sawgrass Solutions 

The VJ 628 is best for the printing professional who needs:

  • Full bleed printing on 24" substrates for signage
  • Promotional products
  • Garment decoration in a high-volume production environment


Highest Definition Prints Possible 

Virtuoso HD Product Decorating Systems feature the only printers designed specifically for sublimation printing using SubliJet-HD inks. These next generation printers deliver the highest resolution prints possible for dazzling, photo quality reproduction - Up to 1400 x 1400 dpi!

SubliJet HD Ink Set Options

Extremely vibrant, realistic colors with deep blacks and neutral grays. Factory-sealed, single-use cartridges eliminates outside contaminants. Comes in either 8-color or 4-color options:

  • Dual CMYK 

    Fast throughput for increased productivity with bright and vibrant colors. Perfect for interior signage, textiles, personalized gifts and promotional products.
  • FLEX

    Exceptional CMYK output, plus orange and blue cartridges for the largest available color gamut and fluorescent pink and yellow cartridges for true fluorescent colors that are sure to impress
  • Pro Photo

    Enhanced skin tones, deep, rich blacks and smooth gradients for fine art and professional photography reproduction
  • Pro Photo XF

    Delivers up to 659,327 colors, with black cartridges (K, Lk, Llk) for extended lightfastness. Perfect for ChromaLuxe panels, professional photo and fine art prints, wall hangings and decor

Next Generation i2 Print Technology

Mutoh’s patented Intelligent Interweave (i2) printing technology allows for increased print speed while virtually eliminating banding issues. Customers can achieve high definition, sharp edges, and fine details with optimal production speed.

Big Prints - Small Footprint

With a maximum print of 24.3" on 24.8" media, the VJ 628 is the only printer of its size that enables you to print a full bleed on 24" / 610 mm products. This unique combination offers extreme versatility and low startup cost. The compact design only requires 7sqft (0.7sqmt) of space. Integrated take-up reel and stand option available to maximize performance.

Warranty and Sawgrass Support

All Virtuoso HD Product Decorating Systems come with a one-year warranty. Check with your dealer for details. Our Sawgrass Support program also provides real time total system support for your printer, ink and software - all in one place! 

Download and Install Virtuoso Print Manager

Virtuoso Print Manager was designed specifically to enable Virtuoso HD Product Decorating Systems to print graphics created in both CreativeStudio™ Online Designer and a variety of other desktop graphics programs. Works with both Mac and PC.

Download Virtuoso Print Manager


Already Have Virtuoso Print Manager? Upgrade

Make sure you have access to the newest features of Virtuoso Print Manager by upgrading to the latest version. Click on one of the links below for detailed instructions on how to quickly and easily upgrade today.

Upgrade (Windows version)
Detailed instructions on how to upgrade to the latest version of Virtuoso Print Manager for Windows.

Upgrade (Mac version)
Detailed instructions on how to upgrade to the latest version of Virtuoso Print Manager for Mac.

Wasatch SoftRIP

Click here to access setup resources, step-by-step guides, and troubleshooting tips for using the Wasatch SoftRIP with your VJ 628.

Access CreativeStudio™ Today

CreativeStudio™ is a web-based online design solution that does not require any software to download or install. Click here to learn more.

Media Size and Voltage

Maximum Media Size

24.8" (630 mm)

Maximum Print Width

24.3" (617 mm) 

Compatible Media Sizes

13" (330 mm), 17" (432 mm) , 24" (610 mm)  and 24.8" (630 mm) 


8 Colors


DX7, Drop On Demand, Piezo Electric, Interweave Technology, 8 Channels, 180 Nozzles / Channel, Variable drop, 5 picoliter minimum drop size

Physical Dimensions

47" x 23" x 46" (1.2m x .584m x 1.168m)  

Shipping Weight

Printer: 79 lbs (36 kg), Base: 31 lbs (14 kg), Take-up Reel: 20 lbs (9 kg)

Voltage AC

AC 110-250v, 50-60 Hz

Print Speeds and Resolutions

Virtuoso Print Manager

720 x 1440 dpi


1440 x 1440 dpi

Print Speeds

Up to 52ft2 (4.9m2) / hour



Dual CMYK: C, M, Y, K | C, M, Y, K
Pro Photo: C, M, Y, K, | Lc, Lm, Lk, Llk
Pro Photo XF: C, M, Y, K-XF | Lc, Lm, Lk-XF, Llk-XF
Flex: C, M, Y, K | O, B, FL-P, FL-Y

Ink Delivery System

220 ml Single-use Cartridges

Color Management for Desktop Software

Virtuoso Print Manager

Windows 7, 8, 10, Professional, Business, Enterprise

RIP Profiles Ergosoft, Wasatch, FlexiSIGN, Onyx, EFI

Windows 7, 8, 10, Professional, Business, Enterprise

Getting Started
Step by step instructions on unpacking and setting up your new VJ 628.

Basic Operations
Once your VJ 628 is set up and ready for use, become familiar with some of its basic operating functions.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Routine maintenance and regular cleanings are part of keeping your VJ 628 performing at an optimal level. View our tips and recommendations for how to best service your VJ 628.

Consumable Parts and Cleaning Products
A list of the most common products and parts to keep on hand to ensure the proper maintenance and use of your VJ 628. 

User Guide
Install the printer according to the complete instructions in the User Guide

Warranty Information
Complete warranty for the SG400, SG800 and VJ 628 printers.

Contact Technical Support

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