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Virtuoso SG400

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Faster Speed. Greater Productivity.

Create like never before with the Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 HD Product Decorating System. Sawgrass Virtuoso systems are the industry’s first and only fully integrated desktop solution designed specifically for sublimation.

The SG400 is nearly 2 times faster than its Ricoh predecessor and can produce up to 240 prints per hour. The built-in, self-cleaning routine keeps the printer running at its best, ensuring money-making uptime with minimal power and ink consumption.

Choosing the Right System
Compare our product decorating solutions to find the right system for your needs.

Decorate a wide variety of products made from polyester fabrics or polymer-coated rigid media including:

  • Aluminium Panels and Inserts
  • Hardboard and Wood Plaques
  • Tile
  • Mugs
  • Acrylic
  • Glass
  • Slate
  • Polyester Fabric
  • Reinforced Fiberglass Plastic

Highest Definition Prints Possible

Virtuoso HD Product Decorating Systems feature the only printers designed specifically for sublimation printing using SubliJet-HD inks. These next generation printers deliver the highest resolution prints possible for dazzling, photo quality reproduction - Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi!

SubliJet HD Inks

Extremely vibrant, realistic colors with deep blacks and neutral grays Factory-sealed, single-use cartridges eliminates outside contaminants

Low Startup Costs + Low Image Cost = Fast ROI

Virtuoso HD Product Decorating Systems offer some of the lowest startup and imaging costs of any product decorating technology. Combine this with exceptional versatility for creating products that customers love, and Virtuoso systems deliver blazingly fast return on investment.

Warranty and Sawgrass Support

All Virtuoso HD Product Decorating Systems come with a one-year warranty. Check with your dealer for details. Our Sawgrass Support program also provides real time total system support for your printer, ink and software - all in one place!

Faster Speeds, Greater Productivity

SG400 printers are nearly 2 times faster than their Ricoh predecessors - Up to 240 prints per hour. The built-in self-cleaning routine keeps SG400 printers running at their best, ensuring money making uptime with minimal power and ink consumption.

Easy Expansion Options

The optional Bypass Tray extends maximum media size up to 8.5" x 51" for the SG400. The SG400 also has an additional 250 Sheet Paper Feed Tray option, which enables you to keep multiple paper sizes ready to print on demand.

Download and Install Virtuoso Print Manager

Virtuoso Print Manager was designed specifically to enable Virtuoso HD Product Decorating Systems to print graphics created in both CreativeStudio™ Online Designer and a variety of other desktop graphics programs. Works with both Mac and PC.

Download Virtuoso Print Manager

Upgrade (Windows version)
Detailed instructions on how to upgrade to the latest version of Virtuoso Print Manager for Windows.

Upgrade (Mac version)
Detailed instructions on how to upgrade to the latest version of Virtuoso Print Manager for Mac.

Media Size and Voltage

Maximum Media Size

8.5" x 14"
8.5" x 51" (with optional bypass tray)


AC 110-120 / 220-240V

Print Speeds and Resolutions

High Speed (600 x 600 dpi)

High Quality (600 x 600 dpi)

Advanced Photo (1200 x 600 dpi)

15 seconds

29 seconds

48 seconds

Color Management Options for Desktop Software: Recommendations

Virtuoso Print Manager: OS

Recommend Windows* 10, Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10; Mac OS 10.9 or later
* Windows Professional, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate

Graphic Applications

Choice 1: CreativeStudio™ Online Designer by Sawgrass
Choice 2: CorelDraw X6 or later
Choice 3: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS6 or Creative Cloud
Choice 4: Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 and later

Options and Ink

SubliJet-HD - Standard Cartridges

C, M, Y (29ml)
K (42ml)

SubliJet-HD - Extended Cartridges

Not Available

User Guide
Install the SG400 printer according to the complete instructions in the User Guide

Networking Guide
If the SG400 printer will be set up on a network, refer to the networking guide for setup assistance

Problems or Technical Issues?
Colors off? Nothing printing? Lines through your images? Click here for solutions to many technical problems you may have.

How-to Pages
Get step-by-step instruction on how to add/remove paper sizes, find ink levels, configure your design software and other common questions.

Recommendations & Requirements
Find useful reference material on things like environmental operating conditions and recommended transfer paper

Sublimation Guides
Sublimating mugs, time/temperature/pressure quick reference guide and other useful information

Legal Documents / SDS
End user license agreement, Prop 65, SDS, and warranty information

Contact Technical Support

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