March 2018

Why Customers Love Personalized Prints

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Why do people love customized products so much? And what are the technology factors that are driving the customization revolution? Delve into the human mind and discover what’s driving people’s passion for personalized products, and how you can capitalize on this growing market.

CreativeStudio Corner: February Additions

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Sawgrass’ CreativeStudio team added 300 new graphics and templates to the library in February! The new content includes:

Tech Tip: Manage Color Palettes in Virtuoso Print Manager

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Color palettes are incredibly valuable in sublimation design and printing.

Photographer Christy Cohen Finds Sublimation Success with Sawgrass

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Cohen says that working with Sawgrass products were the best choice for her business because she doesn’t sublimate every day. She feels the extra investment she made in Sawgrass printers and inks was well worth it for her.

Why the Ink You Choose Matters

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Not all sublimation ink is created equal, just as not all printers and software are designed to work with sublimation ink. We have heard all kinds of dye sublimation issues from product decorators over the years, from reds and blacks not printing correctly to nozzles clogging and print heads breaking. The source of these issues can be traced back to the quality of ink used. Here is a look at why the quality of the ink is crucial to your production.