May 2016

Get Into Consumer Photo Markets

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The photo marketplace is rather complex. Thanks to digital cameras being so accessible nowadays, there is so much demand for products containing photo images. Photo studios and professional photographers, too, often sell their customers digital images for them to turn into the kinds of prints they want. This new landscape has given way to a whole new world of applications for photo-centric products, ranging from personal gifts and keepsakes to fine art pieces and architectural elements.

Picture Perfect Sales with Sublimation at The Bryand Gallery

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Mike Bryand has found the secret to success in Wilmington, NC, with both a fresh take on local photography and sublimation. He’s been a photographer for most of his life, but had only gotten into the business side of his art about 20 years ago. He started shooting pictures at car races, but found that his own unique take on pictures of local landmarks, beaches, piers and lifestyles were what really sells in this coastal region.

Labo J-J Micheli Photo Lab Distinguishes Itself with Sublimated Prints

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For more than 40 years, Belgium’s Labo J-J Micheli has handled a wide range of photographic and fine art reproduction work - from printing 1,000 photos to copying artwork onto arches paper. Already a leader in traditional and digital photographic reproduction, the photo lab was looking for a way to stand out and distinguish itself as more than just provider of high quality services.

Tech Tip: Get Support at

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Have a question, challenge or issue with your sublimation system? The Get Support section of the website should be your first stop for help. Going to this page will bring you to the Product Support Wizard. Here, simply make the choices specific to your system from each of the drop-down options.

CreativeStudio Corner: April Content Additions

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Sawgrass’s CreativeStudio team added more than 500 new graphics and templates to the library in April! Check out what's new!