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Success Through Knowledge

We want you to be as successful as possible in your digitial printing venture - whatever it may be. That's why we offer free webinars monthly through your BusinessBuilder education program. These are live events delivered by industry experts that you can attend from the comfort of your laptop. Topics run the gamut from business solutions and strategy to technical skills, market analysis and how-to do lots of things related to digital printing. Just sign up, and we'll see you online.  


Making Money With Sublimation – The Special Events Market

August 14, 2018
8am EDT / 4pm EDT / 1pm BST / 9pm BST

Every week there are a multitude of special events worldwide. From amateur competitions to 5K runs to non-profit fundraisers. Each and every one has a need for sublimated products. The key for you is to understand their needs so that you can offer products and services that make sense, so that you can cash-in on the opportunities.
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Sublimation Biz 101 - Getting Paid

August 28, 2018
8am EDT / 4pm EDT / 1pm BST / 9pm BST

Making the sale is only half the battle – you also have to get paid if you have any hope of making money. Learn how to create payment policies that make sense and how to collect from those who try to skirt the rules. And when all else fails, learn how to get tough with those who purposely refuse to pay you for their order.
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Making Money With Sublimation – The Outdoor Signage Market

Septmember 11, 2018
8am EDT / 4pm EDT / 1pm BST / 9pm BST

With sublimation, you can offer customers eye catching, high definition signage that is easy to clean and can stand up to just about any kind of environment. Traditionally, sublimated signage was not recommended for outdoor use, but with new products in the marketplace, that is starting to change. Find out what the options are for outdoor sublimated signage in this informative session.
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Sublimation Biz 101 – Customer Policies

Septmember 25, 2018
8am EDT / 4pm EDT / 1pm BST / 9pm BST

No matter how big or small your operation is, it’s vital that you have a written list of customer policies. Issues like returns, exchanges, and refunds should be clearly defined and made available to your customer’s BEFORE there is a problem. In addition, concepts like art charges, image editing, volume printing, acceptable file types, proofs and more should be a part of your customer policy documents. We will take a look at areas to consider and ideas to develop your own set of policies.
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Sublimation Business Startup – What You Need To Know

October 9, 2018
8am EDT / 4pm EDT / 1pm BST / 9pm BST

Sublimation production is relatively easy. But you do have to make several key decisions when it comes to printers, heat presses, software, graphics and other basics you need to set up shop. Join us for an in-depth discussion of what you need to do to get your business started and on the path to success. Come prepared with your questions so that we can provide you with specific answers to help you make the right buying decisions for your business.
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Making Money With Sublimation – The Restaurant Market

November 6, 2018
8am EDT / 4pm EDT / 1pm BST / 9pm BST

Restaurants have many options for sublimation: aprons, apparel, signage, promotional products, dinnerware, linens, and more. The key to success is finding as many creative and useful products as possible, so that you have a nice assortment of ideas to show your potential prospects. In this session we will look at product ideas and marketing scripts that will increase your chances of making positive profits in the restaurant marketplace.
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Sublimation Biz 101 – Tips For Home-based Operations

November 20, 2018
8am EDT / 4pm EDT / 1pm BST / 9pm BST

Though a home-based location is fairly inexpensive to operate, there are still a variety of issues that need to be dealt with such as the lack of visibility and environmental challenges. This eye-opening presentation will help you understand the challenges of using your home as a business location as well as some creative solutions for overcoming them.
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