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Exclusive Preview: Exciting Changes to CreativeStudio™

Posted: 29/08/2018

CreativeStudio™ is the value-packed, online design program included with every Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System from Sawgrass. Over the last three years, our dedicated team has built a robust library of more than 13,000 images and graphics, 1,800 print-ready designs, 1,500 product templates and 370 font choices – all of which have helped thousands of users easily create and print designs that fuel their sublimation businesses.

Over the years, many of you have asked for a greater amount of specialized content than CreativeStudio™ offers today. Others have asked for a greater volume of new content added each month across all categories. In response to these requests, Sawgrass is pleased to announce that in the coming weeks, we will offer monthly subscriptions of premium content packs for use with CreativeStudio™.

You can continue to use CreativeStudio™ with its thousands of images, graphics, print-ready-designs, product templates and fonts free of charge, or you can choose one or more Premium Pack subscriptions and receive access to hundreds of new photos, artwork, images and print-ready templates updated each month.

The initial Premium Pack options will include:

  1. General Monthly Updates
  2. Sports and Fitness Content
  3. Special Events and Holiday Content

What This Means for You

  • CreativeStudio™ will continue to be included as part of every Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System
  • If you are a current CreativeStudio™ user, you will continue to have access to all the great content you currently enjoy from Sawgrass
  • New CreativeStudio™ users will have access to all the content currently available for no additional charge
  • All new and existing product templates will continue to be available to all CreativeStudio™ users – regardless of whether you have a premium content subscription
  • If you would like access to new premium content, you can subscribe to one or more Premium Packs at any time after the launch date

Be the first to know more. Visit the Sawgrass website for updates on the exact launch date for CreativeStudio™ Premium Packs, or enter your email and we'll send you more information as soon as it becomes available!