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Now is the Time to Get Ready for Holiday Production

Posted: 8/31/2018

Though the winter holidays are still several months away, now is the time to be thinking about your sublimation business plans for this peak production season. We have all faced years where customers are clamoring for certain products and there just isn’t enough stock to go around.

The other common problem is having more business than your current system can take on or worse yet, experiencing equipment failure during the busiest time of the year.

The good news is that by doing some planning, preparation and even investment now, you can prevent these situations and ensure your busy season goes as smoothly as possible.

Here are some things you can start putting in motion now, that can save you time and money this winter.

Stock Up on Supplies

Ink, paper, substrates, adhesive spray, heat tape…these are all sublimation essentials that are not easy to get at a moment’s notice. Take advantage of promotions and special offers – such as bulk pricing and free shipping – and stock up on these staples now. This will help get your shop in shape to take on any order that comes through for the remainder of the year.

Assess Your System

If you’ve been thinking about getting a new printer or adding another to your shop, now is the time to make that decision. Though some printers work day in and out for many, many years with very few issues, others are not as reliable. If the thought of replacing a printer has ever crossed your mind, it is a good idea to get that done well before you’re getting flooded with holiday orders. Again, replacing a sublimation printer takes time that you can’t afford to spend waiting when there’s money to be made.

If you find that your printer is doing a fantastic job, ask yourself if it will be enough to handle the upswing in orders, or if it would make your business more efficient to add another printer to the mix – or even upgrade to a larger size. Think about what demand was like last year and what you anticipate this year based on the growth of your business. Is your printer reliable enough or do you have enough capacity to fill all of the customer orders you are anticipating? If you’re not sure, it might be worth talking to a dealer to find out what your options are.

Build a Sales Plan

All year you’ve been doing market research, seeing what’s trending and what your markets are looking for from your business. Now refocus all that information on the holidays, when decoration, celebration and gift giving are hugely popular. What are you going to offer this year that will make your profits soar? Building a set product list now allows you to focus on one strategy during the holiday rush and keep your sales on track. Once this is done, estimate how much you will need to keep up with demand and start stocking up.

Work out the Kinks

Maybe last year, you wished you offered a specific product, but didn’t have the time to test it out. Or you had an idea for a product, but it didn’t sell all that well. Or you couldn’t keep a new product in stock, it was so popular. If you start working on those products in August or September, you will have enough time to make a better assessment of success come the holidays. Take some time now to try new products and stock up on the ones that have done well all year – or your customers could not get enough of last year.

Even if you are far from having the holiday spirit, it’s time to do some planning and investing in your sublimation business, so you can be ringing those cash register bells all winter long.