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Bring Your Pet's Personality to Life With New Designs in CreativeStudio

Posted: 8/9/2019

We had a special guest at Sawgrass this week to help us launch our latest Pets design collection in CreativeStudio! The new collection features a large variety of breeds in both dogs and cats, as well as frames and mug templates for photographs.

Samantha joined us in a demonstration of how CreativePass+ designs can be completely customized for the most important of topics:

Our web marketing manager, Sara, explains how she used the new collection to create a personalized product line:

As soon as I saw the new Pets designs my mind was filled with funny ideas to get my cats off the internet and onto sublimated products!

Because we live in a hot, Southern climate, coasters are must in our house. I think everyone imagines their pets' voices and things they say, so I wanted to bring Samantha's personality to life on some coasters I knew we'd use constantly!

Although we have a black cat in the new collection, I wanted a cat that was lying down so I'd have room for text at the top. I chose a different color short-haired cat, changed it to black, and then edited the text and background as necessary. 

The end result was a collection of four coasters representing Samantha: a sweet kitty who loves company but demands respect, and who has worked hard to adapt to Southern hunting! 


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