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Donut Stress About Customization

Posted: 8/9/2019

Our editors took a design from the “Fun with Food” category to show you how a single picture can be a starting point for unique designs.

Although we regularly release a variety of designs that are completely ready to print, you can easily put your own spin on them! For inspiration, check your favorite online retail sites as well as social media, particularly our Pinterest page @Sawgrassink.

​Design 1: Donut Wake Me

For our first creation we deleted all but one donut and headed to the images tab for the rest of our elements. There we grabbed a picture of a rooster, appropriately resized it and altered the text. Finally, we went back into the images tab and chose a new background from the “Scrapbook” backgrounds section.

With three simple changes, we have given the design a completely different look and feel.

Design 2: Working on my Six Pack

For our second design, we added more donuts by duplicating them within the “Object” tab. We then selected each donut and changed the sprinkle and frosting colors. Finally, we changed the text and then altered both the text and background colors.

Design 3: I Feel Empty Inside

Our third design was slightly more challenging than the other two.  To create the arms, legs and mouth we went into the “Images” tab and selected a line from the “Basic Shapes” category.  Next, we went back into the same category and selected an oval. Both the line and oval were resized to make the correct lengths and shapes.  The line and the oval were then duplicated using the “Object” tab.

To create the word bubble, we went into the “Shapes” category again and chose the pre-created word bubble.  We were then able to change the font and color using the two tabs in the lower right-hand corner of the sidebar.

All of these creations were made using only our CreativeStudio designs and editing software.  International users, please note that CreativePass+ is only available in the United States at this time.  

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