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Make a Splash with CreativeStudio Nautical Designs

Posted: 8/22/2019

Every week, our editors work to bring you fresh ideas on how you can customize designs in CreativeStudio. This week, we’re showing you how you can take a nautical kids’ theme design and turn it into a variety of different themes that suit the needs of any person or business.

Find this design: In CreativeStudio choose your product first, then head to the Designs tab and search within the Kids’ Themes to locate the nautical design we’ll be working with.

Design 1: A Seafood Restaurant Logo

We thought this design was perfect to turn into a fun logo for a seafood restaurant. We deleted the elements we didn’t want, then selected our sign and anchor to manipulate the size and shape so we could add more text. We then selected each element and changed the colors and text style. By grabbing the sign we were then able to change the color of the lining.

To give this design its final touch we went into the “Images” tab and searched for a fish. We took the swordfish image, changed the color and used the “Object” tab to position it below the sign so only the top half could be seen.

Design 2: A Nautical Baby Onesie

For our second design, we created a design for a baby onesie. We started by selecting the background and changing the color. We proceeded to select the seahorses, sign and anchor to change their colors as well. Finally, we went to the “Text” tab and created new wording. Each of those new words were then selected in order for their color and font to be changed.

Design 3: A Navy Veteran Logo

For our final design we created a design for a Navy veteran. We started off by deleting the seahorses and then signage within the design. Next, we changed the background and anchor color. We then selected our font, so we could change the words and font style. For the special touch on this design, we went into the “Images” tab, and from within the “Text Ornamentation” section we selected a monogram border. All that was left was changing the color of the border.

All of these creations were made using only our CreativeStudio designs and editing software.  International users, please note that CreativePass+ is only available in the United States at this time.  

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