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Tis The Season ... For Great Deals

Posted: 12/2/2014


December is typically one of the busiest months of the year for most decorators, which makes it difficult to focus on anything but production.  However, it’s also a month where a lot of sublimation suppliers are offering great deals on substrates and supplies.

Though it doesn't make sense to buy something just because it’s a great deal, buying strategically can help you start off 2015 ahead of the game. First, take a look at your 2014 sales: What products were hot?  Does it make sense to keep a supply on hand?  Doing so will give you quicker turnaround times, but will also require a bit of an investment.  However, if the discounts are good, consider buying the items you sell the most of in bulk and keep them in stock.  This will translate into higher margins on future sales.

While reviewing your sales, also pay attention to product size and order quantity.  Is your current sublimation system right for your production needs? The maximum media size of your printer and heat press limits what products you can create. For example, a unit like the Ricoh SG 3110DN is a great startup unit, but has can only produce prints up to 8.5” x 14.” 

In reviewing your production over the past year, consider whether or not you a larger printer may open up the doors to a wider range of services, such as large apparel prints. If so, a Ricoh SG 7100DN with a maximum media size of 13” x 19”would make a nice holiday present to yourself.

Perhaps you find that you are ready to produce banners and signage. The SubliJet E-Professional series of sublimation platforms offers three commercial-grade units with roll paper feeds in widths of 24,” 36” and 44.”  One of these high-performance printers might be the perfect stocking stuffer for you (ok, that would be a really BIG stocking!). 

On the other hand, your current sublimation system might be ideal in terms of image size, but a bit slow in keeping up with production. Adding another printer to your shop would be a great solution, as it would double your printing output.  Many high-volume shops manage their sublimation production needs with multiple small printers, like the Ricoh SG 3110DN and 7100DN, rather than moving up to wide format systems.

If additional equipment makes sense for your operation, remember our rule of thumb for printer purchasing: buy the smallest printer that will give you the largest the image that you need for routine production.

With all that said, December is a great month to buy.  In addition to deals on substrates, sublimation dealers may be offering year-end specials on equipment. If you were considering investing in a new sublimation printer in 2015, it might make better sense to purchase now and take advantage of any specials while also taking advantage of the Section 179 deduction. Depending on your tax bracket, buying a new sublimation system now could get you a really nice deduction in April, as well as a great gift to yourself during this holiday season.

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