Tech Tip: Checking Cartridge and Waste Ink Levels in Your VJ 628

Posted: 12/12/2017

As a Sawgrass VJ-628 user, the average first step of your work day is to open the Remote Panel of the Value-Jet Status Monitor to review the status of your VJ-628 printer, as well as evaluate the ink and waste ink levels in your machine.

Use the remote panel to check status and evaluate ink

It is important to note: The levels of your ink cartridges and waste ink tank shown on this screen will remain the same until you select the Printer Info button in the upper right-hand corner to refresh the status monitor. (Or close the status monitor and reopen it.)


You may also choose to use the handy Auto Printer Information tool located under the Printer Status tab.

To take advantage of this tool, simply select the Auto Printer Information option.

The default status monitor refresh rate will be every 60 seconds however, you may adjust this refresh rate to your preference by selecting the Intervals drop down menu and choose from 3, 10, 30 or back to the original 60 seconds.

Please note: The optional Auto Printer Information selection will maintain your preferred refresh intervals until exiting the Value-Jet Status Monitor. When the software has been closed, the option must be reselected when you open it again.

With the Auto Printer Information tool, you are given the ability to maintain real-time ink and waste ink levels throughout day, keeping you informed and helping you plan ahead!

Happy Printing!