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Get a Preview of the New Complete Guide to Sublimation Success

Posted: 2/23/2018

Sawgrass is developing a completely revised and revamped sublimation success guide, with the latest information, innovation and advancements everyone who works with sublimation should know about. This will be the ultimate guide for those who are thinking about getting in to sublimation or have just taken the initial steps into the digital world of product decoration.

“Whenever anyone asks me basic questions about sublimation, I always referred them to our Complete Guide to Sublimation Success,” said Jimmy Lamb, Manager of Education at Sawgrass. “The guide has everything you need to start a sublimation business or add sublimation to an existing business. We’ve completely revised the new guide to include much more than the original. After starting with the basics of researching equipment and the process of creating, printing and pressing, we take customers through other essential principles, such as pricing, market development and how to add sublimation to an existing business.”

Here is a quick look at some of what you’ll find in the new Complete Guide to Sublimation Success, which will be launched in March.

Basic Equipment

Sublimation is one of the least expensive product decorating technologies because of the minimal amount of equipment needed for the create, print and press process. All that is needed is a computer, printer and heat press. Though most people already have a computer, they likely must look for the right printer and heat press to get started. Finding the right equipment is a task much easier said than done, especially when trying to decide between a printer that costs a few hundred dollars and one that is a few thousand. How do you know which one is the best choice?

The Complete Guide to Sublimation Success walks you through the choices for printers and presses that are on the market, the right questions to ask while you’re doing your research and what to do when you are ready to make your purchase.

Graphics Software and Color

Printing and pressing are the more operational aspects of sublimation. Creating your designs and getting the right colors are the artistic elements that are more subjective. The Complete Guide to Sublimation Success introduces you to the basics of digital graphics, working with desktop graphics programs and Virtuoso CreativeStudio, and how color reproduction works between your screen and your actual print.

There is a lot of science behind the scenes that you never see, but is crucial to producing prints that sell for premium prices. You will learn about color gamut, the difference between CMYK and RGB color output, raster and vector images, color management software – and exactly why it’s important to understand how all these things work to create your prints.

Making Products that People Love

Sublimation isn’t rocket science, but it does take some trial and error to come up with a production space and routine that maximizes efficiency. Learn the ins and outs of how to make specific types of products, how to set up your production space, tips and tricks to reduce downtime and keep on pressing, as well as some basic troubleshooting advice.


If there has ever been a question about sublimation, we’ve heard it. This section is dedicated to the ones we hear most often, such as:

  • Can you sublimate on cotton?
  • Can you sublimate on dark or black garments?
  • Why does the ink I use matter?
  • Why aren’t my reds and blacks coming out right?
  • Why do my prints look washed out when they come out of the printer?
  • Can I use refillable cartridges in my printer?

Building a Successful Business

Product decoration is the type of enterprise that often starts as a hobby and quickly turns into a business. But switching from the hobby mindset into the kind of strategy you need to build a successful and profitable business can be tricky. The Complete Guide to Sublimation Success offers a step-by-step plan for assessing costs, choosing products, setting prices, researching markets and more. We also provide insight into adding sublimation to an existing business, and what to consider when assessing whether it’s the right move for you.

The Complete Guide to Sublimation Success is a must-read for anyone who works with sublimated products. It will be available for free download at SawgrassInk.com in March. We would love to hear your thoughts about it. Please email us at marketing@sawgrassink.com with comments or questions.