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Virtuoso Print Manager 6.0 is Here

Posted: 2/6/2018

The Product Development Team at Sawgrass has updated Virtuoso Printer Manager with new features and user interface changes influenced by end-users and dealers and designed to have a positive impact on business and work flow efficiency.

The new look, feel and functionality will help both new and existing users grow their sublimation skills and business.

Here is a quick look at some of the most important updates to Virtuoso Print Manager you’ll find in the 6.0 release:

Redesigned User Interface

The main tabs in the User Interface have been reorganized to make choosing print options easier.

  • A new Layout tab which includes the following features
    • Group Images is renamed VPM Performs Layout but still performs the same functions of activating the Page Size dropdown and pulling multiple images onto one page
    • Selecting Page Size and Spacing options

  • A new Color tab has been added and include new color options, such as Vivid and Cool Grey for the SG400/800
    • Vivid increases color saturation
    • Cool Grey adds more blue to the black & white setting

  • A new Hot Folder tab consolidates Folder, File Type, and Options into one place

  • Drag and drop files for print from Window’s File Explorer or OS X Finder directly into Virtuoso Print Manager for easy printing in the Jobs tab
  • The Other tab allows you to add annotations of a job’s print criteria to the bottom of each page
  • Tooltips are available for most components of the User Interface and provide descriptions of functions when you place your mouse pointer over a tool name

Easier Installation and Setup

Virtuoso Print Manager’s installer no longer asks you to select an OEM driver if needed. Instead when launched, the program will detect if any eligible printers exist.

If not, the Setup New Printer screen is launched. The Setup New Printer menu can be launched anytime from the system tray menu.

Additional Updates

  • Create custom page sizes which can be added and deleted via the Page Size Manager
  • Progress bars alert you when Virtuoso Print Manager is loading and processing
  • A Small Page Warning alerts you when an image size is not supported by available paper sizes and suggests changing layout settings
  • Application palettes are no longer included in the installer. These can now be created using the Export function of the Palette Manager, ensuring your palettes are always up-to-date.
  • Ink Status now refreshes every 60 seconds. Previously the information did not change unless the refresh button was clicked.
  • The VJ 628 profiles have been improved for Unisub, ceramic, neoprene and fabric substrates.

We encourage all Virtuoso users to upgrade their software to Virtuoso Print Manager 6.0. Click here to get started.