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Vloggers Mark Revs Up Production with CreativeStudio

Posted: 2/8/2016


When Leigh Haddington had to decorate 17 shirts - front and back - in one night, Sawgrass’ Virtuoso Desktop HD Product Decorating System made the job easy and painless.

“I was very impressed with the ease and quality of CreativeStudio Online Designer and my SG400 printer,” Haddington said. “Without any training, I managed achieve everything I needed to do in one night.”

Haddington was new to the t-shirt decorating business when he purchased his system this past summer. As an avid fan fast and furious motorbikes, he had spent a lot of time on YouTube as a video blogger interacting with others of similar interests. What he saw there was a niche market that he could reach with decorated products that spoke to these specific themes. Soon, Vloggers Mark was on its way.  

His challenge was figuring out how to get personal with customers and create the products they want most. With a brother who works in printing, Haddington knew that there was potential for selling shirts. However, having to outsource vinyl and screen printing jobs was slowing down his order fulfillment, and he soon was looking for a new way to fulfill orders in house.

The positive reviews he’d seen about Virtuoso and the system’s fully integrated capabilities piqued Haddington’s interest in sublimation technology.    

“I looked at a lot of packages and products,” he said. “But then I saw the Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System package at Mega Electronics UK. I did a lot of research on this product and saw glowing reports from everywhere. I knew I would also need a software package to get started. When I found that Sawgrass had this out-of-the box product, I had to have it.”

Haddington has spent the last six months working with CreativeStudio and has found it to have greatly help streamline his production, design and approvals process.

“I found the software very easy to use and so simple to design with,” he said. “It made a very painful job painless. I can review the design and show my customer on the fly by sending them an image shot via Twitter. That was so good to be able to tweak this before printing. The print out was perfect, and after a few dummy runs, I managed to get my heat press at the correct setting and time to make my shirts quickly and easily.”

Haddington also made his investment back quickly.  He said that with a single order of 220 shirts, which had to be delivered in a week, the system more than paid for itself.  

Vloggers Mark offers both vinyl and sublimated garments, as well as customized mugs and stickers/decals. Haddington says that when he gets an order for a sublimated shirt, he sighs in relief.

“With CreativeStudio and the Virtuoso system, it’s so easy, friendly and never fails,” he said. “It has helped me create some great designs from the templates. I am very impressed with the ease and quality of the software and hardware. I am also very happy with Sawgrass’ proactive customer support. Someone from their team responded to a comment I made on Twitter and connected me with all of the answers I needed. I know I can reach out to them 24/7 and get the right help for whatever challenge I’m facing.”