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January 2016

Success with Niche Markets

Posted: 1/6/2016

If you are like most new product decorators, you likely spend much of your time running from one customer to the next, accepting any order you can get. While this is not a bad approach when you’re just starting your business, it rarely leads to long-term growth. You need a more methodical strategy to develop a steady customer base that keeps money flowing through your doors.

Pure and Simple Creations: From Passion to Business

Posted: 1/6/2016

Pure and Simple Creations started out as many small businesses do. Owner Shelley Fields had a love of making personalized gifts and a talent for sewing. She would make gifts for friends and family, focusing mostly on handmade items for boys. Soon, Fields was inundated with demand for her gifts from co-workers, acquaintances and friends of friends. 

Video: Intro to CreativeStudio

Posted: 1/6/2016

Learn about the basics of CreativeStudio and how it can help you easily create designs for your customers' products. Just a few clicks on any internet-connected device running Windows, Mac or Android OS and you'll be creating in no-time! 

Tech Tip: Did You Know Your Ink Has a Use By Date?

Posted: 1/6/2016

All Sawgrass inks are packaged with a Use By date. Printing with inks that are past the Use By date can result in challenges with color and the quality of your prints.