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CreativeStudio Corner: 2017 Updates, 2018 Plans

Posted: 1/22/2018

Whether you’re new to sublimation design or a seasoned pro, CreativeStudio has plenty to offer you and your business. We recently surveyed our customers to find out what you wanted from CreativeStudio and have adjusted our 2018 plans to include many of your requests including more content, new features and more powerful tools.


CreativeStudio is updated with new templates and images on a regular basis. In 2017, we added over 5,000 new assets – an average of 433 assets a month. They include:

  • 417 blank product templates*
  • 272 graphic templates*
  • 4,261 images*
  • 50 new fonts*

New Features

Based on your feedback, we added the following features to CreativeStudio:

  • Custom Color Palette: Users can create and save their own color swatches into their personal color palettes.*
  • Cropping: Users can us a rectangular cropping tool to edit images.
  • Disproportional Scaling: This tool allows additional ways to resize objects such as photographs, illustrations, and text.
  • Product Mockup Maker: This tool helps create a more realistic preview of what a design would look on a specific product.
    • Perfect for immediate creation of digital proofs for clients.
    • Great for quickly creating images for online listings, without shooting actual photos of finished products.
    • Mockup images are PNGs with transparent backgrounds that allow users to further edit them into a background of their choice.
  • Search: Users can now put in simple search terms to more easily find the graphics and products they need.
    • Items that can be searched:
    • Products: Name, Manufacturing SKU, Manufacturer, Category, Keywords
    • Templates: Name, Category, Keywords
    • Images: Name, Category, Keywords
    • Text Font: Name, Category, Keywords
    • Translated data will be searched instead of English for non-English customers (French, Spanish, etc.).
    • Existing reseller or category filters the user has put into place will also be applied to their searches.
  • Zoom: Users can now zoom in and out of their designs as needed.
    • Zoom is in 10% increments.
    • The resolution of the preview image does not adjust with zoom, which may make the on-screen image look pixelated. The image will print crisp and clear, though.

More to Look Forward to in 2018

We have a lot planned for CreativeStudio in 2018, including:

  • Subcategories of templates and images for easier navigation.
  • New quick-transform functions on images, such as 90-degree turns, Align Top and Align Bottom.
  • An auto indicator on new content to make locating and identifying what was added within last month easier.
  • Additional options within the admin area to help better manage user-generated content.
  • Improved text options, such as a paragraph text function.
  • Cropping feature enhancements.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about CreativeStudio’s new additions and what’s to come. Make sure to check out CreativeStudio Corner each month for the latest updates.