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New Year, New Service!

Posted: 1/23/2018

One of our goals in 2018 is to provide exceptional support to all customers. We listened to our customer feedback from a recent survey and decided it was time to make a change.

Support moves in house

Global Technical Support will now be overseen by our Vice President of Product Development, Dimple Patel. She is bringing support back in-house, meaning Sawgrass will provide responsive and enhanced support, which reflects our core values and goals.

Support will be delivered by our team of dedicated and experienced Sublimation Technologists. This team of experts includes Julian Firth, Director of Global Technical Support, who has been with Sawgrass for over 12 years, and Andrew Hanulcik, Director of Global Quality Control & North America VJ 628 Technical Support, who has been with Sawgrass for over 10 years.

New hours and contact details

View support hours and contact information by region. We are available via phone, email and chat. We also have many resources within the Get Support section of the SawgrassInk.com website to help assist you.

We believe the changes announced today along with the changes coming in the next few months will allow us to provide the best and most expedient technical support. More exciting changes will be coming in our efforts to support our customers how you prefer to be supported.

If you are unable to get the support that you need, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly: