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Tech Tip: Defining Your Color Space

Posted: 6/27/2016

No matter which color management solution you choose to work with, once critical step is defining the correct color space or mode within your graphic design software. These programs enable you to use different color profiles. When working with sublimation, you need to activate a specific RGB profile in order to produce accurate colors, unless working with a RIP, which uses CMYK.

Designs and images often come with their own embedded profile. When opening in your graphics program, you’ll need to make sure it is converted to the appropriate sublimation profile. For example, many of graphic artists design in CMYK color mode because this is the most appropriate for commercial printing. Because sublimation requires RGB, these files need to be converted upon importing in to your design software. The reason for this is that sublimation profiles are built to convert RGB colors to CMYK output, not CMYK to CMYK (unless using a RIP, which works CMYK to CMYK). If you try to print a file that is CMYK, the conversion will not work correctly and the colors will be off.

​For example, a Virtuoso customer recently contacted Sawgrass Support because the colors on his coaster prints were not coming out correctly, even though he was using PowerDriver v4 to manage output through CorelDRAW. He had noted that he had no trouble when printing an RGB image, but that CMYK images were printing all wrong. We asked him to check what his version of CorelDRAW had set as the Primary Color Mode. He found that it was set for CMYK. Once he changed this setting to RGB, he was able to get prints with the deeper color he was expecting.    

Be sure to check with our Technical Support Team for instructions to ensure you have the correct settings for your specific graphics program, and that you’ve installed your color management software correctly. 

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