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June Tech Tip: Print Primary Charts Regularly

Posted: 18/06/2018

Printing primary charts is just as important as running nozzle checks for ensuring the best output.

While you may be performing periodic nozzle checks on your SG400 or SG800 to avoid wasting ink on nozzle issues, also consider creating primary charts to pre-emptively troubleshoot colour or printing issues.

A good primary chart should show blocks of solid colour without lines or steps. Even if you have a perfect nozzle check, you should also check your primary chart to look for irregularities that can cause colour and printing issues.

We especially recommend running a nozzle check and primary chart if you have relocated your printer or you have not used it for a while.

If you have a perfect nozzle check, but not a good primary chart, then we recommend that you run two head cleanings before reprinting.

To print a primary chart from Virtuoso Print Manager, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the Virtuoso Print Manager icon in your system tray menu and select “Printer Utilities” from the menu options.

  2. In the Utilities window, you can select “Nozzle Check,” “Head Cleaning” or “Primary Chart” from the left sidebar. NOTE: You must print primary charts on standard sublimation paper.

  3. If your printer is working properly, the primary chart will look like the below photo. Nothing more needs to be done.

  4. If calibration and cleaning is needed, the output will show lines like those shown below. If there are any lines in your output, you will need to perform a head cleaning. Continue to step five.

  5. Select “Head Cleaning” in the Utilities tab and select “Clean.” We recommend two head cleanings before reprinting the primary charts again. Continue to run head cleanings until the primary chart shows full blocks of colour.