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Labo J-J Micheli Photo Lab Distinguishes Itself with Sublimated Prints

Posted: 5/27/2016

For more than 40 years, Belgium’s Labo J-J Micheli has handled a wide range of photographic and fine art reproduction work - from printing 1,000 photos to copying artwork onto arches paper. Already a leader in traditional and digital photographic reproduction, the photo lab was looking for a way to stand out and distinguish itself as more than just provider of high quality services.

CEO Jean-Jacques Micheli especially wanted to find a better way to present the work of the international artists and professional photographers he counts as clients, such as Joël Moens de Hase, a Belgian contemporary artist who creates photo mosaics and Johnny Razzia, a French fine art painter. Micheli found the answer with sublimation.     

“The high quality imagery that can be achieved with sublimation technology is just what we were looking for,” Micheli said. “The process creates incredibly crisp, vibrant images, which enables us to elevate the great work our customers supply into truly captivating prints.”

Labo J-J Micheli now offers prints on high definition ChromaLuxe metal photo panels imprinted using Sawgrass’ SubliJet-IQ Pro Photo eight colour sublimation inks. This set has long been the staple of pro photo and fine art sublimation throughout international markets, offering the superior colour and clarity for subtle skin tones, fine gradations and high contrast blacks needed for high end reproduction.

“We love how ChromaLuxe photo panels deliver high definition displays that transform photos into vibrant works of art with Sawgrass’ inks,” said Micheli. “The panels are extremely durable, scratch resistant and waterproof, which responds perfectly to the requirements of our highly demanding customers.”

Recently, Labo J-J Micheli has produced several exhibitions and events featuring sublimated panels: in New York with Belgian artist Jan Beddegenoodts and in Brussels at Expo Art Magna where the company exhibited work by JM Janssens, Jacques Meunier and Dimitri Polomé and fine art work by Sophie Voituron, Jos Tontlinger and Ron Grauer - all on ChromaLuxe aluminium panels.

“We opted to create our work with Sawgrass inks because the company has the largest gamut of colours available on the market, which makes the tones and colour of the artwork leap out of the panel.” said Micheli. “These prints are unlike anything else we offer. They command attention and have really differentiated our lab from the competition.”