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Tech Tip: Get Support at SawgrassInk.com

Posted: 5/27/2016

Have a question, challenge or issue with your sublimation system? The Get Support section of the SawgrassInk.com website should be your first stop for help.

Going to this page will bring you to the Product Support Wizard. Here, you will be prompted to log in with your SawgrassInk.com ID. If you are not registered with SawgrassInk.com, you can register for free at the login page.

Once logged in, simply make the choices specific to your system from each of the drop-down options:

  • Choose an Ink: Select which ink set you are currently using. These may include SubliJet-HD, ChromaBlast-R,  FabricMaker or any of our other supported ink products.

  • Choose a Printer: Based on the ink set you choose, a list of printers will appear. These are the only supported printers for your ink set. Check your printer model and select yours from the dropdown.

  • Choose an Operating System: Options here will either be a version of Windows or Mac OS. Based on the ink set and operating system, a fourth dropdown may appear, or you may be routed directly to the tech support pages for your product. 

  • Choose a Color Correction Type: If there is a color correction program associated with your products, a fourth dropdown will appear. This list refers to the printer software that is used with your system. Choices may include PowerDriver, CreativeStudio Print and Color Manager,  WinProfile and other options. If you are unsure of your color correction software, choose any one on the list.

Once you make your selections, you will be taken to a page for your specific product. There, you can go through the content to find answers to your questions, or contact our Technical Support Team by clicking on the Contact Support button on the right side of the page: