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Start Designing Faster with new CreativeStudio Update

Posted: 5/31/2019

This CreativeStudio update incorporates many of small changes, which will lead to big improvements in designing products: You can get started with creating faster and far more efficiently.

Product Manager Heidi Bass is excited by the new release, she explains, “We work hard at getting feedback from customers to ensure that everything we develop brings benefits to our users. In this version of CreativeStudio, users are going to be able to get down to creating much more quickly. They will find the whole process more intuitive and much more efficient. In any business time is money, so we are hoping these small changes will bring big improvements to our users.”

The main improvements in CreativeStudio that you will experience are:

The Product Wizard has been removed so CreativeStudio will launch straight into the artboard screen and you can simply select a product to start creating a design.

We have also improved the location of some elements:

  • The Object Transformation Tools will sit above above the layers section for easier navigation.
  • Text Options, including Font, Outline, and Envelope have been moved to the designer screen instead of having to use the dropdown to make your selections more efficient.
  • To make sure you are not at risk from losing your creations accidentally, we have also incorporated a Warning for any actions that would result in loss of work. An important safeguard to not losing any work or wasting time!
  • We have also increased the size of the thumbnails by around 20% so you can see the details of the designs more easily.

A few minor bugs have also been fixed, including the correction of flip behavior for imported images saved as design.

These User Interface and User Experience improvements really should save you time and money. We are always open to hearing your feedback. We want to make the whole business of creating personalized products easier for your and your business. Email any feedback to: hbass@sawgrassink.com

And remember, if you haven’t already updated to the new version of VPM (VPM 6.5), then you can do that here, and this will automatically give you access to this new improved version of CreativeStudio with just one single sign on to both VPM and CreativeStudio, saving you even more time!

On top of these changes to CreativeStudio, we have also been busy regularly developing new designs for the all access CreativePass+.

You can go from idea to design in just minutes with our unlimited CreativePass+, featuring thousands of unique, on-trend artwork from our network of global designers.

Designs are updated monthly, with additional special designs in the most popular categories such as family, pets, holidays, events and more!

Grow your business with either an annual or monthly subscription and save time and money with 1000s of images, graphics and print-ready designs ready to go.

We’ve recently launched some inspiring new collections including:

Kids Collection
Summer Designs
Graduation and School themes
Pets and Animals
Royal Baby
Sports Designs
School themes
Mothers Day and Fathers Day
Novelty Fun
And more collections are due very soon!

If you’d like to try the CreativePass+ visit the Sawgrass store.