Sawgrass Dealer Spotlight: Technotape International

Posted: 11/26/2018

Dutch company Technotape International supplies a wide range of unique, personalised (3D) sublimation and toner transfer solutions from its head office in The Netherlands and its US base in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The warehouses in Europe and the United States support global demand and manage the needs of a diverse customer base ranging from distributors and high-volume companies to individual end users. They also ensure a prompt service for European and American customers.

Innovation first

“When it comes to personalisation, we are different from others because we are customer-oriented, innovative and ambitious. We listen to what our customers want which enables us to understand what is going on in the market and what is needed. We are always looking for new and improved solutions. That is why we also produce our own systems," comments Bonne Klein Woolthuis, CEO of Technotape.

Among Technotape’s latest developments are the innovative 3D oven and the revolutionary TURBO wrapper.

The 3D oven runs with Sawgrass’s Virtuoso HD Product Decorating Systems and new SubliJet-3D inks with coordinating colour profiles that have been developed to provide the best possible output within this production environment. This completely optimised, turnkey solution for product decorators has been designed with high-volume customisation and personalisation of 3D applications in mind, while at the same time combining high quality and ease-of-use. The films and substrates are also optimised for the nuances that make 3D sublimation unique.

With the TURBO wrapper, mugs can be instantly prepared for sublimation. It provides a new way of applying sublimation paper to items, such as mugs, without worrying about paper position or alignment. It requires little to no training, making it ideal for peak season or temporary workers. The process evenly lays on a heat resistant silicone wrap with minimum effort. The printed sublimation paper is placed in between eight adjustable brass guide pins that ensure fast and flawless positioning relative to the mug. The mug holder fits and positions different mug types, without complicated adjustments or technical knowledge. The wrapping process is completed in a single fluid motion, and requires no physical strength.

Wondering how it works? Then check out our short TURBO wrapper video and find out more about the 3D oven by watching the Facebook LIVE video at SGIA 2018.

Spoiler alert

“Innovation is in our blood so keep your eyes on us. We are constantly expanding our range with surprising solutions that allow you to respond to the latest trends. So, what can you expect from us next? Spoiler alert: get ready for a brand-new sublimation technique coming soon,” adds Bonne Klein Woolthuis.