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Tech Tip: How to Register Your Sawgrass System

Posted: 11/19/2018

Once you set up your Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System, you need to install Virtuoso Print Manager (VPM) on your computer. VPM is the print and color management software that is designed to work with your Sawgrass printer and ink combination. It is essential to printing accurate colors, getting optimal prints from your system and minimizing ink spend. During the installation process, you’ll be prompted to register your version of VPM. Follow the prompts and instructions to get to the registration site, and then use these tips to complete the process.

  • Initially, your Sign In credentials for the Sawgrass Registration page will be the same as your login for SawgrassInk.com. However, if you reset your website login, the change will not carry over to your Registration login. If you have previously registered a software product and changed your registration credentials then, use the updated username and password combination.

  • You are not registering your printer. You are registering your software. Therefore, you will need separate registration codes for each computer on which you install VPM.

  • Old registration codes cannot be used. You must acquire a new registration code when prompted to do so with any new computer setup or software installation. In the registration screenshot example below, the list of previous registration codes displayed cannot be reused. You will need to select the +New Registration option in the righthand corner of the screen to obtain a code for your new software installation.

  • Be sure to select the correct product in the dropdown when prompted as pictured below. Incorrect selections can cause errors in the registration process.

  • Watch our registration video for additional guidance:

How to Register Virtuoso Print Manager - sawgrassink

  • Contact support for a registration code if your computer does not have internet access or if you need general assistance with registration.