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Cashing in on the Holiday Marketplace

Posted: 10/30/2017

The Christmas decorating market is a multi-billion dollar industry! Millions of homes all across the world are decorated for Christmas, each with its own unique style and sense of tradition. Full-color sublimated ornaments, coasters, frames and other home décor products perfectly meet the needs of people looking for unique and personal items to add to their homes or to give as gifts during the holidays. Here is a look at some ways you can cash in on this popular buying season.

Home Decoration

Unique and customized products for the home create a warm personal environment for family and friends. Buyers often go with trends and create collections of decorating items for their homes, which means recurring sales opportunities on a long-term basis. In addition, personalized gifts add a special touch during the holiday season, making them an in-demand product that you can capitalize on for an increase in price.

Sublimatable home décor items are the perfect platform for personalizing and decorating a home with full-color photographs, graphics, names and special messages. Most products can be custom-designed for any season or occasion and will add a special custom look to any holiday home décor. Customized home décor items can also be used to preserve special memories or photographs, or given as gifts to family and friends. Remember, rarely does someone throw something away with their name on it!

Product Ideas: Placemats, table runners, serving trays, cutting boards, pillows, trivets, garden/lawn flags, blankets and coasters.

Personalized Gift Items

Regardless of the culture or the form of celebration, the holiday season is all about giving. And what better product is there to give than something that is personalized? Personalization has long been associated with the concept of upscale gifts with special meaning. In addition, the concept of personalization ties in closely with preserving memories and delivering heart-felt emotions to others.

Personalized gift items don’t necessarily have to reflect a holiday theme; they can be items that people love and use year-round. This opens the door for gift opportunities that much wider. For the most part, photo gifts and products you can add names or monograms to are your sweet spot.

Product Ideas: Ornaments, jewelry, keepsake boxes, mobile device cases and accessories, bags, wallets, checkbook covers, picture frames and panels, key chains, mugs and pillows.

Business Gifts

But the holiday marketplace isn’t limited to home décor and personalized gifts, as many businesses also provide holiday gifts to employees and customers. The business gift category is more in line with promotional products rather than custom gifts. A typical business gift item will be sublimated with the company’s logo, but rarely is a holiday theme used in the decoration. Instead, the holidays are used as an opportunity to thank clients for their business while keeping the business “brand” alive.

Product Ideas: Mugs, mousepads, koozies, keychains, coasters, ornaments, paperweights, bags, bookmarks, poker chips, shirts/sweatshirts/hats, towels and water bottles.

Design Your Products the Easy Way

If you are a CreativeStudio user, you will find a wide assortment of product templates, art templates and graphics with a holiday theme, perfect for putting together great gift ideas. And with the new search feature, it only takes a simple keyword to find the right product and image. Once you setup your creation, you can use the product mock-up maker tool to create realistic proofs for your customer’s without having to print and press a sample.

Now is the time to develop and launch a holiday marketing initiative. Both Sawgrass and Unisub have some excellent online resources to help you get things rolling, so be sure to check them out.