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Get Your Printer in Top Shape for Holiday Production

Posted: 10/30/2017

The holiday season is upon us, even though it’s only the end of October. Most of us in the product decorating industry are coming up with sales and marketing plans to sell, sell, sell during the next two months. However, you should also get your printer up to the task of higher-than-usual production. Here are some tips to help ensure your printer is in good shape for the holiday production push.

  1. Check the Use-By Date on Your Ink: Inspect each individual ink cartridge to ensure the recommended use-by date has not passed. If it has, then replace those cartridges with new ones. Then follow the instructions to spool old ink out of the lines to complete the process.
  2. Run Automatic Maintenance: If your printer has not been powered on in a while, it may need go through a series of automatic maintenance routines. During this process, the printer will attempt to recover any blocked nozzles. Wait until the printer completes the maintenance (this may take several minutes) and enters the Ready state before printing.
  3. Perform a Nozzle Check: Print and evaluate the nozzle check pattern to ensure that there are no missing lines which can impact the quality of your prints. You can find instructions about how to do this on the Get Support section of the SawgrassInk.com website.
  4. Make Sure You Have the Latest Version of Your Print Software: Ensuring you have the right software is a critical step in getting the most efficiency out of your printer. If you are using a Virtuoso printer, you should have Virtuoso Print Manager 5.2 installed on your computer. If you use PowerDriver with your Virtuoso printer, you will want to upgrade to Virtuoso Print Manager, as this is the only software Sawgrass will continue to enhance.

In addition to these tips, it’s always a good idea to keep your Sawgrass printer plugged in so that it can perform automatic maintenance cycles throughout the year. This will help ensure that when you need your printer in tip-top shape to fulfill customer orders, it will be ready to go.

For help with any printer maintenance issues, please contact Sawgrass Technical Support.