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Condé Systems Contributes to Education in Alabama School Systems

Posted: 10/29/2018

This past August, Condé Systems had a unique opportunity to contribute to the expansion of educational curriculum for various Alabama school systems. Condé introduced an education program to students attending the Alabama Career and Technical Education Summer Conference focused on teaching students how to run a business and raise funds for their school using product decoration technologies.

“We are excited and honored to offer our industry knowledge to such a marvelous program that allows students to expand their creativity and be exposed to different avenues,” said President David Gross.

This story really begins with Sherry Hall, who is a Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS - formerly known as Home Economics) instructor at Sardis High School in Sardis, AL, and a Condé Systems customer.

Hall has been using sublimation in her fashion courses for several years and felt it could be beneficial in other FACS programs across the state. Hall’s students have established their own product decorating business name, “Designs by Lions” (honoring the school’s mascot) and make sublimated products for sale within the school community.

Hall reached out to Condé Systems, looking for information about how to incorporate sublimation into an educational curriculum. Working together, Hall and Conde constructed a presentation entitled "Raising Funds and Teaching Business Principles with a Heat Press.” The focus was showing how FACS programs could use a heat press to decorate mugs, t-shirts, plates, quilts, bags, etc., with original student designs using sublimation or vinyl technology.

Among the benefits of this program is teaching students how to create their designs using different software programs, while also learning how to own and operate a business. The money generated from sales of these products could also be used to support FACS or other school programs.

Gross and members of the Condé Systems team attended the Alabama Career and Technical Education Summer Conference, distributing handouts, drawings, and discount certificates to attendees. They provided tools that would help in building a working curriculum and encourage students to think outside the box. These resources included Excel spreadsheets to calculate product cost, cost of operation, margin, etc., links to video tutorials and webinars, product descriptions, how-to videos, sublimation equipment training and technical support.

David Gross contributed his years of industry experience in a round-table discussion, outlining what the students would learn in terms of owning and operating a business. He explained the benefits of incorporating sublimation into a curriculum, courses that could include sublimation, type of equipment and software used, media, vendor resources, and sample projects. Gross also discussed how to use embroidery, vinyl, sublimation, painting and quilting projects can teach students how to own and operate their own businesses and raise funds for their programs.

Due to the overwhelming response to the work Hall and Condé Systems have done, Hall will be hosting hands-on professional development at Sardis High School for teachers interested in adding this program to their curriculum.