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CreativeStudio™ Premium Content Packs are Here!

Posted: 10/30/2018

You have asked us for more specialized, premium content and a greater volume of monthly updates of graphics across all categories in CreativeStudio™. We heard you and are excited to tell you about three new Premium Pack Subscriptions from Sawgrass available for purchase which give you more product decorating content than ever before.

How it Works

As a registered user, you already have access to CreativeStudio’s™ library of more than 13,000 images and graphics, 1,800 print-ready designs, 1,500 product templates and 370 font choices for no additional charge.

Now, you can expand your access by subscribing to any – or all – of our Premium Packs of graphics for CreativeStudio™. Premium Packs include the following:

CreativeStudio™ Premium Packs

Special Events and Holidays:

Specialized graphics for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other milestones worthy of celebration. Monthly subscription is $9.95 $7.46*.

Sports and Fitness:

These action-packed graphics for sports teams, events and other athletic themes will get you pumped up in no time. Monthly subscription is $9.95 $7.46*.

CreativeStudio™ PLUS:

This expanded collection gives you access to a hundreds of new graphics each month spread across most of the categories CreativeStudio™ offers. Monthly subscription is $19.95 $14.97*.

* For a limited time, save 25% on subscriptions of CreativeStudio™ Premium Packs by using the coupon code "PREMIUM" in the shopping cart.​

When you register, be sure to select the authorized Sawgrass dealer you purchase our products from.

How to Subscribe

There are two ways you can subscribe to CreativeStudio™’s new Premium Packs:

  1. Visit www.sawgrassink.com and click 'Store'
  2. Click on any content in CreativeStudio™ marked 'Premium' to be directed to the Sawgrass Online Store

What This Means for You

  • CreativeStudio™ and CreativeStudio™ Premium Packs are available to all Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System users who have installed and registered Virtuoso Print Manager
  • You can choose to add one or more Premium Pack subscriptions to your account and receive access to hundreds of NEW photos, artwork, images and print-ready templates updated each month
  • CreativeStudio™ will continue to be included as part of every new Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System
  • If you are a current CreativeStudio™ user, you will continue to have access to all the great content you currently enjoy from Sawgrass
  • New CreativeStudio™ users will have access to all the content currently available for no additional charge
  • All new and existing product templates will continue to be available to all CreativeStudio™ users – regardless of whether you have a premium content subscription