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How CreativeStudio™ Can Help You Drive Business

Posted: 10/29/2018

You may know CreativeStudio™ as the Sawgrass online design software, developed specifically for sublimation production. But did you also know that CreativeStudio™ can help you grow your business?

Great designs are one of the most important parts of sublimation business success. Without images and graphics that fulfill the needs of customers and create a lasting impression, it is very difficult to make money with sublimation. Sawgrass built CreativeStudio™ as part of the Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System to help those new to sublimation quickly and easily build designs that would generate sales.

CreativeStudio™ can also help more experienced graphic designers and product decorators by streamlining production and generating samples and mockups for quick approvals and marketing purposes.

Here are some ways that CreativeStudio™ can help your business increase sales.

Design in Real Time

Great designs take time to build. However, many customers do not like to wait. Sales samples are great for showing customers what a finished product will be like, however, they are not personalized to match the customers’ requirements. This is where CreativeStudio™ comes in.

You can access CreativeStudio™ through your laptop, tablet or smartphone, making it easy to bring up the designer while working with a customer for a potential sale. Walk the customer through each of the options in the designer and go through their needs step by step involving the customer in the design process.

Including the customer from the very beginning helps you to determine specific colors and gives the customer a better sense of what they are buying. Once the customer is happy with the direction you’re going, close the sale and then spend the time you need building the final designs.

Build Mockups

CreativeStudio™ has a Product Mockup Maker tool, which creates a downloadable image of your design on a specific product. You can use this tool to send proofs to customers, build product listings on an e-commerce site, use on social media sales pages, or create marketing communications. It is much easier to close a sale and drive traffic to your online offerings when you have images of finished products to show during the sales process.

Easily Create Samples

Samples sell. Period. But coming up with images to put on your sales samples can be difficult. You don’t want to use the names or logos of actual businesses or organizations, so you need to create fictional ones.

CreativeStudio™ has thousands of graphics and print-ready templates that can be customized for just about any purpose. CreativeStudio™ also has a Sales Sample category with designs specific for hospitality, interior signage, pets, photo gifts, promotional products, school spirit, weddings and more.

You can easily add in photos, change colors, fonts…whatever you need to build samples just right for your target markets.

Enhance Desktop Graphics Capabilities

If you prefer to use a desktop graphics program, such as Photoshop or CorelDRAW, CreativeStudio™ can help amplify the power of those programs. You can easily take designs you create in Photoshop (for example) and import them into CreativeStudio™. Then you can quickly pull up a substrate template and apply the design for your customer to see using Product Mockup Maker – either in person or through e-mail to close the sale.

You can also begin a design in Photoshop, bring your file into CreativeStudio™, and continue to design using CreativeStudio™’s library of images, graphics, templates and fonts to finish off your creation.

This opens a whole new avenue for design resources, especially with Sawgrass’ new CreativeStudio™ Premium Packs. Then once the design is finalized, all you must do is print through Virtuoso Print Manager, making production more efficient and saving money. You can save the design as a template to use in the future and easily access the print job again for repeat printing.

There is a lot more to CreativeStudio™ than meets the eye. Now is a great time to get more familiar with the only online design software build for sublimation, and see how it can work for your business.