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Germany’s swook! Grows with Sawgrass’ Virtuoso 25” Solution

Posted: 9/25/2017

Six years ago, creative personalized smartphone cases were not that easy to find in Germany. Business partners Michael Nowak, Regina Bauer and Christian Doblinger recognized this as a prime opportunity to launch something both unique and profitable, and launched swook!, a high-quality online product personalization service.   
Initially, the team invested in printed foils, but found that this decorating technology delivered mixed results for their goals. Their next step was to get into sublimation.  
“We bought our first 3D sublimation oven and printer, but had problems with the cases and the ink,” said Nowak, CEO of CMG Traders GmbH, swook!’s parent company. “After selling these cases for a few months, we thought about it again and started to look for a new supplier. We didn’t want to believe that this was the best quality possible.” 
 “For the first time, we were able to print the correct colors the way we wanted to,” Nowak states. “Over the next 18 months, we concentrated on improving our production process. We built our own oven and created our own color profiles. But the ink was one of the most important elements. The color and print quality we are able to achieve with the VJ 628 and SubliJet-HD inks is possibly one of the biggest differences between us and all our competitors.” 
Nowak said that since switching to Sawgrass’ Virtuoso system, swook! has been able to rapidly grow. They have moved the business to a new location last year, launched www.swook.de to support online ordering and now employ 8 people as part of their team.  
“Sawgrass’ inks are the best on the market and the only ones that work for our products,” Nowak said.  “We have fewer problems with customers regarding the quality of the printed mobile cases, because now, black looks like black and red looks like red. 
“Today, we are selling both pre-designed mobile cases and individualized mobile cases, but we are looking to add flip flops and Unisub products, like key rings and ChromaLuxe aluminum panels. We have been so happy with the results Virtuoso has delivered that we decided to invest in a second VJ 628 printer.” 
Nowak credits working with Sawgrass products as part of swook!’s business success. With consistent print quality, reliable color and color profiles and effective technical support, swook! has had the tools it needed to make a name for itself in this now-growing market.  
“We are a bit different to our competitors,” Nowak said. “We have proved that you can run a successful business and achieve natural growth without an investor and without debts. Of course, it won’t increase that fast and each month you need to fight, but it is possible with the right technology and the right partner.”