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CreativeStudio PLUS

$19.95 per month
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This expanded collection gives you access to a hundreds of new graphics each month spread across most of the categories CreativeStudio™ offers.

  • Monthly update of 100 or more new images added across 17 main categories, such as Backgrounds & Patterns, Flowers & Plants, Holidays & Special Events*, Sports & Fitness*.
  • Main image categories include an additional 198 sub categories, such as Backgrounds & Patterns > Bokeh, Holidays & Special Events > Christmas, Sports & Fitness > Volleyball
  • Monthly update of 40 or more new print-ready designs added across 10 categories, such as Animals & Pets, Holidays & Special Events, Sports & Fitness
  • Main print-ready design categories include an additional 73 sub categories, such as Animals & Pets > Pet Cats, Holidays & Special Events > Easter, Sports & Fitness > Yoga

*Please note: while you will receive updates to the Holidays and Sports categories as part of this premium pack, to access the full library of specialty content you'll want to also subscribe to the Holidays & Special Events and Sports & Fitness packs.