CreativeStudio is a Cloud-based Design Software Built for Sublimation

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The basic version of CreativeStudio is included with the purchase of your Sawgrass printer and you'll need to have Sawgrass Print Manager installed. To unlock the fresh designs we add weekly, become a premium member. 

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Start Creating Personalized Products in Three Easy Steps

CreativeStudio is easy to use and spares you from having to search for product templates or royalty-free artwork. Follow us on YouTube and Facebook for regular tutorials and design inspiration specific to sublimation.

Step 1: Create

Select a product from a huge selection of templates, including mugs, coasters, T-shirts and more! Choose one of the thousands of print-ready designs and carefully curated images. To personalize and customize your designs you can change the colors, fonts and backgrounds, or subtract and add elements - including photos of your own!

Step 2: Print

By selecting Print within the CreativeStudio menu bar, you'll be prompted to name your file. Clicking "OK" will open SPM, from which you can select your substrate, brand of paper and send the file to your Sawgrass printer.

Step 3: Press

Use heat tape to secure your product to the sublimation paper and place it between protective paper on your heat press or mug press. Press for the required time and carefully remove with heat protection gloves. Remove the tape and your personalized product is complete!

Upgrade to a premium membership to access all the most popular categories such as: sports, holidays, celebrations, pets, kids, monograms, art and more!

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Get Premium Designs
Get Premium Designs