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Contact: Andrea Evans, International Marketing Manager
Phone: 01144 7974431219
Email: aevans@sawgrassink.com

Sawgrass Continues its Innovation With a Fully-integrated Sublimation System for Creative Entrepreneurs

Mount Pleasant, SC, October 15th, 2019 — For 30 years Sawgrass has been wowing the world with its innovative and award-winning sublimation solutions: From its expertly formulated dye sublimation ink, to its compact and affordable desktop printers; from its print and color management software to its ‘smart’ transfer paper, Sawgrass prides itself on engineering best in class solutions to empower businesses to grow with unparalleled sublimation printing applications that deliver the outstanding color, clarity and value that drive sales success.

This year at Printing United in Dallas, Sawgrass will bring together the individual solutions to offer a fully integrated sublimation system comprising the printers, inks, software and paper. An affordable system developed purely for sublimation, where all the ‘parts’ are carefully configured to work seamlessly together to deliver unmatched reliability and consistent color. Sawgrass president Darcy Mauro comments, “This underlines Sawgrass’ commitment to offering a totally-integrated solution built purely for sublimation, where all the award-winning parts work effortlessly together to bring an intuitive system that anyone can use.”

The Sawgrass system comprises:

  • A Sawgrass desktop sublimation printer: Users have a choice of 3 powerful sublimation printers depending upon their needs:
    • The super compact SG400: With low start up and running costs, it is ideal for creating unique and vibrant personalized products, easily, quickly and profitably.
    • The SG800: Perfect for a growing business producing vibrant high margin or high volume personalized products.
    • The VJ628: the world’s first fully-integrated, 25” 8-color, desktop sublimation printer ideal for high value, customized products
  • A full set of Sawgrass dye sublimation inks: Users can choose from:
    • SubliJet HD: Specially formulated sublimation ink optimized for use with Sawgrass printers. The Sublijet HD ink set features an expanded gamut and extended yield for vibrant, true-to-life colors and lower imaging costs.
    • EasySubli: Sublimation inkset developed in partnership with Siser to work with EasySubli vinyl enabling sublimation on cotton and dark-colored polyester fabrics.
  • Sawgrass Print Manager: Sawgrass' print and color management software is incredibly easy to use yet offers powerful functionality normally found only in expensive RIP software.
  • CreativeStudio Online Designer: Created specifically for sublimation, free access is available with the purchase of a Sawgrass system and includes a wide selection of print-ready designs, royalty-free images and an extensive library of the most popular substrate product templates. It’s incredibly easy to use and takes the hassle out of creation for those new to sublimation. A premium version is also available with new print-ready designs added weekly.
  • Sublimation transfer paper: True Pix™ CLASSIC paper, which is perfect for use on both hard and soft substrates, is considered a “smart” transfer paper as dye solids begin to sublimate later than with other papers, giving the substrate time to expand before color transfer takes place. It is also engineered for ultra-high levels of dye release during the pressing process.
  • Setup and support: The brand new Sawgrass Knowledge Base offers 24/7 on-demand multilingual support, an extensive library of resources and is backed up by a friendly team of product experts supporting the global user base via phone and email. Additionally, the new User Success Program offers free setup help to all new system users. Plus, Sawgrass holds regular webinars and Facebook Live training sessions to make sure all users get the very best from their system.

Visitors to Booth #1805 will experience the Sawgrass system in action, and witness just how easily unique and vibrant personalized products can be produced. Without any prior knowledge and experience, visitors will be able to create a customized product to take home. It’s as easy as Create, Print, Press.

Mauro adds, “At Sawgrass we’ll never be ready to rest on our laurels. We’ll continue to innovate to offer the ultimate desktop sublimation system to creative entrepreneurs looking for a solid business opportunity. Over the coming months you’ll see a lot of action from Sawgrass as we continue to take the sublimation market by storm. The opportunities are endless and we are keen that everyone can share in success in the growing global personalization market.”

You’ll also be able to witness sublimation art with the 71 inch “Texas Boy” creation involving a huge range of products and substrates, demonstrating the possibilities with Sawgrass sublimation.

Visit Booth 1805 to explore what’s new and learn how to turn your dream business into a reality. The Sawgrass team is waiting to welcome you!

About Sawgrass

Sawgrass is the global leader in delivering dye sublimation and digital printing solutions that make personalisation possible and empower creative entrepreneurs to get customised products to market in record time. Sawgrass’ fully integrated printer, ink, software and support solutions are ideal for decorating ceramic, metal, fabric, wood and plastic with durable, vibrant, high-definition images. Headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, Sawgrass provides products, service and support through its Global Dealer Network throughout 100 countries. For more information, visit sawgrassink.com.