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Sawgrass Launches New Website for Creative Entrepreneurs

Mount Pleasant, SC, October 21, 2019 — Sawgrass Technologies has launched its new website to help empower creative entrepreneurs to realize their dream of running their own sublimation business.

With the significant global growth forecast in both the product personalization and the craft markets, Sawgrass wants to support and educate users to realize their full potential for developing a profitable and sustainable business. It aims to provide easy access to products, software, tools and support for day-to-day operations plus ongoing enhanced opportunities for learning.

Sara Hill, Web Marketing Manager at Sawgrass, who managed the web development project from the outset, explains the purpose of the new website, “We’ve been intentional about communicating with our users via conversations, surveys and web analytics to really understand how we can best use our digital presence to help educate users and grow their business. Our users want a site that’s easier to navigate with more efficient access to our specialized tools. By providing this we enable them to focus on the more important elements of running a sublimation business – having some fun while making an honest living.”

The project, which commenced early in 2019, was undertaken wholly in-house as the Sawgrass marketing team has an impressive range of skills with web developers, designers, photographers, and videographers. Hill talks of the process, “We began with both quantitative and qualitative research to identify exactly what users liked about our current site and what they’d want from a new one. Throughout the development of this site we’ve kept our finger on the pulse of our users globally, continuing the conversations and following the data across all our digital channels. We wanted a site that would work for our users, wherever they are located.”

Aside from the cleaner design and modern photography on sawgrassink.com, users will be most excited about the all-new Sawgrass Knowledge Base, which can be directly accessed from the website. The Knowledge Base offers 24/7 on-demand answers to common questions and provides faster access to support and guidance than ever before. Additionally, users will have easier access to Sawgrass’ own online design platform, CreativeStudio. Developed purely for sublimation, CreativeStudio offers product templates, royalty free images and ready-made designs for Sawgrass users, at no cost whatsoever. Through the new website users can also upgrade to a Premium membership which provides thousands of designs and images with new collections added weekly, taking the hassle out of creation for busy entrepreneurs.

User stories also feature prominently on the new website to offer inspiration and real life examples of what can be achieved. Sara Hill explains, “We’ve added a new section entirely devoted to user success stories. The new site isn’t looking to tell you what you can do with sublimation, it’s about showing and inspiring new and existing users – after all one can never be inspired enough in life. Our users are some of the most resourceful, dedicated and determined individuals you will ever meet. We learn from them every day and that allows us to develop our integrated systems even further.”

Of Sawgrass and its new website, Vik Patel, Director of Business Development remarks, “This is truly an exciting opportunity for Sawgrass to show our wonderful and loyal users that we are listening to them and delivering world-class business opportunities to over 100,000 users in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. What started off as a sublimation ink company over 30 years ago has developed into a global organization dedicated to servicing and delivering a superior digital decorating system. Such an organization requires a strong digital presence and with the launch of this new site, we are starting to deliver on that promise.“

There are plans for further development of the website in the near future, too. Patel clarifies, “From introductory sublimation lessons to expert advice on growing your business, the upcoming Sawgrass Academy will be an expansive library of professionally produced videos about the world of sublimation to support our creative entrepreneurs. And after that there’s so much more to come. We are just getting warmed up, so watch out for more news very soon.”

About Sawgrass

Sawgrass is the global leader in delivering dye sublimation and digital printing solutions that make personalization possible and empower creative entrepreneurs to get customized products to market in record time. Sawgrass’ fully integrated printer, ink, software and support solutions are ideal for decorating ceramic, metal, fabric, wood and plastic with durable, vibrant, high-definition images. Headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, Sawgrass provides products, service and support through its Global Dealer Network throughout 100 countries. For more information, visit sawgrassink.com.