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Sawgrass Launches Powerful Platform to Connect Designers and Producers on a Global Scale

May 26, 2020

Contact: Darcy Mauro

The Sawgrass Network is a first-of-its-kind mass customization platform that connects and enables surface product decoration businesses around the world

CHARLESTON, SC - The Sawgrass Network has been launched to provide new revenue streams for product decorators worldwide.

Sawgrass has a rich 30+ year history of product and software innovation and is known as the inventor of digital sublimation printing technology. This latest innovation launches the next generation of personalized product decoration technology. The Sawgrass Network allows users to take products beyond their local area and sell on a global scale.

The Sawgrass Network applies to ALL surface decorating technologies. Users can create their own designs, sell in their own store and get matched to produce orders on behalf of other creators. The Sawgrass Network will go beyond sublimation with the integration of multiple customization decoration platforms, and will soon have integration with Shopify, Etsy and Amazon.

Creators will never have to say no to another order. The Sawgrass Network: “Act Local. Be Global.”

There are three applications that make up The Sawgrass Network:

A powerful design engine with a sleek new interface and thousands of built-in designs, images and templates makes CreativeStudio the foundation of The Sawgrass Network. Beginners or professionals can use it to get started – all you need is a free Sawgrass account.

GO Expression
GO Expression is an ecommerce marketplace where creators can post their designs on a wide range of products, and most importantly: customers can customize them before purchasing. Once a product is purchased, all orders will be automatically routed through GO Exchange, the new order routing software which matches orders to producers.

GO Exchange
GO Exchange matches orders with a producer in the area where the end product will be shipped, meaning reduced need for international shipping. This takes every user’s customer base from local to global and puts product in the hands of their customers faster than ever.

About Sawgrass

Sawgrass brings personalization into businesses around the world with more than 100,000 users among 200 countries and territories. The Sawgrass Network is the global leader in bringing cloud-based solutions for mass customization, coordinating design, sales and product fulfillment services for all surface decoration technologies.

The company is also a leader in developing integrated printing systems for desktop sublimation – one of the leading personalization technologies for digital color surface decoration. For more information, visit sawgrassink.com and follow us on social media @sawgrassink.

Act Local. Be Global.