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New Sawgrass Printers Hit Market With WiFi, Increased Resolution and Energy Savings Banner

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New Sawgrass Printers Hit Market With WiFi, Increased Resolution and Energy Savings


Contact: Darcy Mauro

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After a two-year development process with Ricoh, Sawgrass is excited to announce that the SG500 and SG1000 are available on the global market.

The new printers are made exclusively for Sawgrass’ award-winning inks: SubliJet UHD, ChromaBlast UHD and EasySubli. What sets Sawgrass apart from other systems is the fact that any Sawgrass printer combined with Sawgrass inks works hand-in-hand to produce the highest quality sublimation printing.

With this level of confidence, the new printers come with a two-year warranty.

Updated Printer Engine and Inks Give Greater Color Control and Deeper Blacks

As the next generation of SubliJet inks, users will notice more vibrant, richer colors as well as deeper blacks. SubliJet UHD, as well as EasySubli, will have a 24 months shelf life from the date of manufacture, at launch. The new printers communicate directly as CMYK vs RGB to give Sawgrass even greater control with color profiling.

Purpose-made Ink and Printers are Efficient and Eco-friendly

The SG500 and SG1000 are more energy efficient and the ink output is appropriate for the job at hand, leading to less waste for both the user and the environment. Sawgrass’ eco-friendly footprint is further enhanced with recyclable packaging and plastics for its new SubliJet UHD cartridges.

G7 Certification Gives Sublimators Confidence in Consistency With Sawgrass

G7 Master Facility certification is the global standard of color profiling, meaning users can expect consistent color from every Sawgrass printer and among substrates. The G7 certification is also a key element in The Sawgrass Network as it provides security in knowing color output will be the same for every Sawgrass user producing finished items.

Adding Value with The Sawgrass Network

The Sawgrass Network has been launched to provide new revenue streams for product decorators worldwide. The three applications that make up The Sawgrass Network are available to all Sawgrass users at no additional cost, adding to the overall value of product decorating with Sawgrass.

With the latest features and the freedom of WiFi, users will enjoy printing with Sawgrass more than ever. For more information, visit sawgrassink.com and follow us @sawgrassink on Facebook and Instagram.

About Sawgrass

Sawgrass brings personalization into businesses around the world with more than 100,000 users among 200 countries and territories. The Sawgrass Network is the global leader in bringing cloud-based solutions for mass customization, coordinating design, sales and product fulfillment services for all surface decoration technologies.

The company is also a leader in developing integrated printing systems for desktop sublimation – one of the leading personalization technologies for digital color surface decoration. For more information, visit sawgrassink.com and follow us on social media @sawgrassink.

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